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Pelhar Dam and Lake

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pelhar dam and lake are located in Vasai east, in Thane district on the outskirts of Mumbai City. 
Dom and Me

I was introduced to this plan by Neha,  a fellow traveller and blogger,  but sadly she couldn't join us in exploring it.

Checked the internet for more information on Pelhar Dam and Lake and finally set out to explore it. 

Finally it was Dominic and me,  who headed to Vasai.  We met at Vasai Railway station at 9 AM. Irony both of us were in the same train but in different compartments.  
Pelhar Lake
We alighted in the east had some sugarcane juice and then headed off to board a shared rickshaw to take us to Vasai Phatta. 

There is complete chaos outside the station as there are different rickshaw queue to take you to different locations in Vasai. 
Pelhar Lake
We boarded a shared rickshaw to Vasai Phatta at a cost of Rs. 20 each,  from there we boarded another rickshaw to take us to Hotel Pelhar at a cost of Rs. 10 each.  

Alighted at Hotel Pelhar and had breakfast in the form of Burji Pav,  followed by mango soft drink to cool us down.  

The hotel attended informed us that  trail leading to Pelhar Lake is from the other side of the highway.  Opposite the hotel they are constructing a subway that lead to the other side.  From there it is straight road that leads to the lake.  We did ask the locals just to make sure that we are on the right track.  
Pelhar Lake
We have to cross plenty of Tabelas i.e.  Buffalo sheds on either side of the road.  So the entire area stinks of dung. Dung is dried on the sides of the road.  muddy road leads to the base on the Dam.  So during rains,  it will become difficult to travel by this path. 

As it was a hot sunny day, the heat was killing us softly,  but the wind didn't let us break a sweat.  The journey was dusty. 

A local kid on a cycle,  informed us that there is a possibility of the guard asking us for a entry fee.  He strictly informed us not to pay him a fee as they charge outsiders for the same.  Luckily the guard didn't ask us and we headed straight the lake after climbing a series of stairs. 
Pelhar Lake
WOW.  The view was just beautiful.  Green waters all aroung surrounded by hill ranges on either side of it.  As it was summers the water had got acumulated and hence no water was running down the dam. 

We decided to walk around the water body to get a view of it from all angles.  Though the water is green in color it still had fish in it, some people were in the water trying to catch them with their fishing nets.  
Pelhar Lake
As the temperature was rising we decided to cool ourselves in the water.  I bet this is the longest time I have spent in the water while on a trek.  There were a couple of roots of dead trees in the water.  

We then sat under the shade of a huge tree,  had some light snacks and water,  we could hear the birdchirping in a distance.  The sound was soothing to our ears. Suddenly we heard a bell ringing.  It reminded me of the guy selling ice cream in the village. Where in the wilderness is this guy selling ice cream,  I said to myself.  To my surprise it wasn't the ice cream man but. Cow with a bell around its neck.  Looking for something green to eat.  We also saw a Shepard who had bought her goats to graze on the green cover around the rocks.  
Pelhar Lake
The journey around the lake was a trek in itself.  It was not a track,  which we converted into one to circle the lake. The track comprised of large and small rocks and loose soil so travelling on it was a pain, but we still managed to cross it.   

We then visited the dam area,  currently there was no water over flowing there.  But we saw pieces of broken beer bottles there,  meaning this place is frequently visited by people who come here drinking. 
Dom and Me
This place is good for camping purposes,  but tent pitching is not possible.  But cooking on stones  is possible and sleeping below the trees.  

We then took a short nap on the road within the dam premises,  no vehicles allowed here,  so it okay if you sleep on the road. 
That's Me
A nice getaway on  the outskirts of Mumbai to spend a day with nature,  we surely had a good time here.  It's good to know that too many people are not aware of it.  But soon they will be and then waste will start accumulating as it does at all tourist attractions. 


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Beautiful Location and the pics are looking gorgeous,keep sharing us.

Anonymous said...

i we can go with byke

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