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Delhi : Barakhamba Monument on Barakhamba Road in Connaught Place

Thursday, May 21, 2015

After visiting Sabz Burj, we started walking around the streets and we noticed Barakhamba Monument enclosed in a park. Rohan was skeptical on entering the park. But I had other views on it. I somehow influenced his decision to enter the park. The park was inhabited by people. They were staying in the park premises. 

These people stay here, bathed themselves and even washed clothes in its premises.

Barakhamba or Barakhamba Monument is located in the Mirza Ghalib Baug premises on the Barakhamba road in Connaught Place.

It is a 14th century tomb building from the Lodhi Period. Barakhamba means twelve pillars in both Urdu and Hindi language. Not sure who the tomb belonged too, though. 

The tomb has got 12 pillars with 3 arched openings on each side. It is made of red stone, it has got four small domes atop surrounding the big dome. 

The monument  is still in good shape. But what I could see in it, is that it was infested with people engaged in drugs, smoking.  As we walked through the park, people kept staring at us.

On Rohan’s suggestion we took an early exit from the park. 

Just spoke to Rohan and he informed me that all the people who had taken refuge in the monument premises have been driven out and the monument is being restored back to original glory. This is done by Nizamuddin Basti Urban Renewal Initiative

We then headed off to Sunder Nursery.


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