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Bike Trip to Indurigad and Bhandara Dongar near Pune

Friday, May 1, 2015

Indurigad or Induri Fort is located at Talegaon- Dabadhe village which is near to Pune. It is located on the Talegaon Chakan Road. 
Sunrise at Panvel

Massey and a  couple of other friends had joined me in exploring Kohoj Fort, but due to heavy rains we couldn't make it till the top. 

Royal Enfield, our travel companion

Massey loves to go on bike trips and he suggested that we do a bike trip. Hence we decided to do the historic structures of Indurigad, Bhandara Dongar, Sangramgad and Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj in Tulapur.

We decided to meetup at 5:45 AM at Andheri (W) and from there head over to Indurigad. We were to travel by Royal Enfield (Bullet) all the way. I had traveled by bike to Cabo De Rama fort in Goa but that was for a small stretch of 4 hours. This was going to be a long journey. 
Shortcut to reach the Ghats on NH4

Massey travels a lot on bikes, he is really good with the roads and hence in a 45 minutes time we were riding on the Palm Beach Road, this long and curvy stretch of the roads is wonderful to ride on. 
View of the ghats from NH4

We braked for breakfast in the form of spicy Misal Pav, Idli Vada Sambhar and Batata Bhaji along with Tea at Shree DataGuru Snacks at Vashi. Massey informed me that when they go for their bike rides this is the first pit stop and it is packed with bikers of various biking groups. But today being a friday, there is hardly anyone. 
New Mumbai Pune Expressway

The roads became really bad post breakfast, plus to top it a lot if mining happens here, I could see the hillocks disappearing in a distance making way for warehouses. What a shame. This stretch of road that leads to Panvel is really dusty and uneven, so drive safely on it.

Once at Panvel we switched over to the NH4, the old road to Pune, we didn't take the Mumbai Pune Expressway as bikes are not allowed on it. This was the first time in my lifetime that I was travelling on this road. 
Another photo of Indurigad

As we were on the bike, there was no toll, what a relief. Else we would have to wait in the queue to pay the toll and then travel by NH4. Four lane road with a couple of speed breakers near villages and junction was all that we had to take care off. Had we not reduced on our speed we would have been flying on NH4. There was no traffic on this road either. 
Temple within Indurigad fort premises

We took a de tour at Khopoli, rode through the narrow roads infested with shops in either side and then joined the NH4 just at the start of the ghats. Massey informed that this is like a short cut. Haha. I like it. 

I always wondered how bikers manage to get on the Mumbai Pune Expressway when we are about to reach Lonavala as bikes are not allowed on it. There is a small stretch where in both NH4 and Mumbai Pune Expressway merge hence they use the Expressway but split before they reach Lonavala. 
That's Me!

We then traveled by NH4, crossed Lonavala, Karla and finally we reached the junction from where we had to take a left to reach Talegaon and Chakan. There are signboards on the roads so do keep your eyes open to spot them. LOL. We were now traveling on the Talegaon Chakan Road. 

The time was now 10:30 AM on my watch . The heat was killing, it was fine while we were riding as the wind, didn't let us feel the heat. Had a couple of soft drinks here, took directions from the locals to reach Indurigad. 
Massey and Me at Indurigad

On the other side of the Indrayani River is located the fort of Induri. The bastions were clearly visible from here. Finally we were at our first destination. The bridge over the River Indrayani offers a beautiful view of the fort, the hill ranges in a distance and also the water body. Have to admit that the water body is polluted and has waste near its banks. 
Flag hoisted atop the fort

The first impression that I get is that , this fort might have been like a watch tower. Though most watch towers are located high up in the hills, but not his one. It offers a good view of Indrayani River and the hill ranges in a distance. 
View from Indurigad

The walls of the fort are intact from the outside. There are couple of houses built by the locals near the entrance. Thank God they haven't built their houses inside the fort. 
Indurigad fort in a distance

The main door of the fort has two huge bastions around it and a orange colored flag swaying in the wind atop it. Note that the stone used in the construction of the Door or Maha Darwaza differs from that of the Bastions also bricks are used on both. Not sure if this fort was modified over the years. 

There are coconuts broken at the entrance of the Fort by the devotees who come here. As breaking of coconut is not allowed near the temple premises.
Bastion at Indurigad

We parked our bike near the Temple i.e the temple dedicated to Goddess Kadjai. History states that this fort was built in 1720 -21 by Sarsenapati Khanderao Yesajirao Dabhade.

The temple is newly constructed. But outside the temple you will see beautifully carved stones. 
Fortification of Indurigad

We then  decided to view the fort by walking on the walls, but due to loose soil we have to step back. 

We were wondering as to how to reach the flag atop the entrance of the fort, but couldn't climb the walls due to the loose soil. When I narrated the same to Neha, she informed that the way up was from the other side, not from where we were climbing up the wall. She told me that there are a series of rooms there. Maybe a place to hold meetings as that was the only structure we found intact on the fort premises. 
Buffaloes outside Indurigad

We then took instructions from the locals to visit Bhandara Dongar. The villagers informed us to drive along the Talegaon Chakan Road, as soon as you exit the village you will be able to see a hill aka dongar on your left. Which we saw as we rode. There is a huge entrance leading to the top of the dongar. 

I guess half the dongar was cut down to make this wonderful road. The zig zag road which led to the top offered a mind blowing view of the hills and valleys around. 
Massey and Me, with the valley in the background

In a matter of minutes we were atop the hill. Now there were devotees here. The moment I took out my camera they just starred at me. So I decided not to click snaps of them nor the temple as there was a prayer meeting held outside the temple premises.
Road leading to Bhandara Dongar

We then walked on the top of the dongar on foot. The dongar as I mentioned offered a panoramic view of the surrounding. Sadly there are no trees to provide shelter against the hot sun. 
Massey and Me on the road to  Bhandara Dongar

As per the plan, a new temple is to be constructed here, the land is being dug up for the same. 
Entrance to the Temple dedicated to Sant Namdeo at Bhandara Dongar

We spoke to a shopkeeper selling articles of worship, he informed us that paragliding takes place over here. But as it was not the weekend, we hardly saw any para-gliders.
Proposed view of the temple

We then traveled down the zig zag road to meet Talegaon Chakan Road, our next destination being Sangramgad
View from Bhandara Dongar

View from Bhandara Dongar

Though it was a hot summer day, it was wonderful to shadow of the clouds on the land below when the sun hid in it, that was infact relief for us. LOL.
View from Bhandara Dongar


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