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Goa - Beef Chilly Fry at Hotel Venice next to Hotel Marina in Madgaon City

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beef Chilly Fry, comprising of chunky pieces of Beef, capsicum, Onion and Green Chillies.

A Hot dish to gulp down with Ice Cold Beer.

  All for just Rs. 130

Goa - Statue of a soldier saluting atop a house in Goa

Friday, August 29, 2014

As we were travelling on the tiny roads in Goa, I noticed this statue of a soldier saluting me. The statue is placed atop the roof of the house.

I did do a google search to find out the history behind it, no luck. Wondering what it means. Maybe something related to Portuguese. As the ruled over Goa. The next time I am in Goa, I will knock on the door of this house, to find out the history of the same.

Goa - Dosa at Madgaum Cafe at Madgaon

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Breakfast at Madgaum Cafe at Madgaon.

We ordered Dosa. It didn't look like a dosa to me. It was a cross between dosa and uttapam. Excluding the masala that comes in it.

The green chutney was cold and spicy and tangy. Just wondering how they managed to keep the color light green while it is spicy.

Though offbeat, I still like the combo so much that I ordered a second round.

Goa - Food at Hotel Marina near Lohia Maiden in Madgaon City

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The time was around 3:30 PM when we reached Hotel Marina. Hotel Marina is located opposite to Lohia Maiden in Madgaon City.

I immediately headed in and asked, if they still serve lunch. To that I got a horizontal nod. Taking that to be a NO, I headed out, the man immediately replied that they do serve lunch. Strange. Why did he say NO, I had asked him in konkani which is the local language here. 

I didn't want to think any longer and immediatley placed our order for food. Fish Thali for me and Vegetable Thali for Namrata. 

The Fish was just amazing, it was fried in coconut oil, it was fresh and tasty, I was enjoying every bite of it. The orange gravy was made of coconut and was equally tasty, it was prepared the way my Mom cooks at home. The reddish liquid is hotel Marina's version of Kokum Solkadi, it was nice and spicey. The vegetables served with it were okay, the prawns fried in onions was good to eat too. what say Namrata. O , she has no comments.

Namrata had a two special vegetables in her plate, sadly I didn't taste them, as I was too busy eating the fish.

We then ordered for Lassi as they didn't have Buttermilk. The Lassi was thick, nothing like the one we get in Mumbai. I surely enjoyed the Lassi, a little bit heavy on my tummy thugh but it was okay. I was prepared to walk for hours in the Garden nearby to digest it all.

Dinner at this place was a complete disaster. 

We had ordered for Chinese, Now we knew at the back of our minds that the taste would differ but such a difference was something I didn't expect. 

We had ordered for Shezwan Chicken Fried Rice and Veg Fried Rice.

The waiter came with our order and started serving the Shezwan Fried Rice to Namrata. On which I told him that it is my order and not hers, to this he adds that this is the way it is prepared here. Shezwan Fried Rice without the Red color.

I was like WTF. I immediately called for the manager to confirm, on the dishes. The waiter was wrong, so the Manager apologized for his fault and inter changed the plates for us.

The taste of the Fried Rice, what should I say. I couldn't eat it at all, none of the sauces used mixed well with it, it was not properly prepared, RAW form.

God alone knows why he kept Chinese on the menu when he doesnt know how to prepare it.

The lunch served here was amazing, but cant say that about the dinner.

Goa - Pork sausages at Hotel Venice next to Hotel Marina at Madgaon City

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pork sausages is something I have been eating since my childhood days. 

But the way this dish was prepared was just plain and simple but still appealing to my taste buds. The sausages were fried in shallow oil and served. 

The taste . Oh la laa.

Goa - Beef Roast at Hotel Venice next to Hotel Marina at Madgaon City

Monday, August 25, 2014

I was first introduced to this hotel by my cousin Sholto many many years ago. This place serves good beef and pork dishes and it was on my list for foodie trips.

Chunky peices of Beef Roast fried with potatoes, onion and chillies, like Chilly Fry.

But the taste. O la la

Goa - Apan Yana Pahilat Ka

Friday, August 22, 2014

I saw this Pic at a local barber shop in Madgaon Market. Not sure who the person in the photo is. The best part it the guys working in shop are not aware of him either. They asked to contact the Manager. But the Manager was no where in sight. 

Goa - Train to Goa

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I decided just a week in advance that I wanted to visit Goa in the rains.

Now as you all know that I don't travel alone, so I decided to ask my friends as to who can join me on such a short notice.

Finally Namrata who had accompanied me to Aurangabad, managed to get herself leaves to join me.

We booked the tickets six days in advance, though we were confident that we won't get tickets. 

We had two budget travel options, Konkan Railway and Bus.

Our first choice was the Mumbai CST Mangalore Junction Super Fast Express (12133) which departs from CST at 22:10 PM to arrive at Madgaon at 7:10 AM the next morning. We got Wait List tickets 67 and 68. We were confident that these tickets wouldn't get confirmed so we had to look for options. 

Our next choice was Dadar Madgaon Jan Shatabdi (12051). To our surprise tickets were available for this train. We wasted no time in booking the tickets. We booked the tickets on the IRCTC website. We booked a window and a middle seat at the train had chair car seats. The train departs at 5:25 AM from Dadar on the Central Line to reach Madgaon at 14:10 PM.

I boarded the train at Dadar. We had confirmed tickets in coach D7 seats 48 and 49. We didn't get the window seat but we got middle and aisle seats. First thoughts on this coach is, that the seats don't move backwards like in the buses going to Goa, and to top it the seats are very uncomfortable. I couldn't sit on them for for then 2 hours at a stretch. But this train reaches Goa in the shortest possible time. Namrata was to board the train at Thane. 

Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai. :( 

As it as the peak season the train was packed with passengers who had Wait List tickets too. These people accommodated themselves near the Entry points of the train and outside the Loos. Making life difficult for the commuters to commute between the compartments.   

The view around was truly awesome. Sadly we couldn't click any photos due to our seats. 

But we still managed to get beautiful glimpses all around. The Konkan Railway passes through the Konkan belt of Maharashtra, which is truly beautiful. It had rained here so it was green all around. 

The skies were blue, the rivers green, the hills a combo of green and brown. coconut and mango trees all around and tiny houses among st them. I don't mind living here. Totally disconnected from the city life.

Not sure if the train has a good pantry. But they serve cold drinks and eatables. Cost being above MRP. But hurry, as stocks don't last long. But good quality vada pav is served at Chiplun and Ratnagiri at Rs. 10 each. Do pack food articles to eat on the way along with water supplies.

I like the life in the village, a hard life though, which I find difficult to live. Get up early in the morning around 5 AM which the rooster as the alarm, to do homely chores and then go to the farm. Eat simple but nutritious products of their farm, then come home in the evening. But 8 PM call it a day and head to bed.  

I don't mind having a house near the riverbed. Fishing for food daily, nice na. Hope to do something like it when I retire from work.

This train journey has loads of bridges and tunnels on the way. One of the tunnel took us around 25 minutes to cross. Not sure as to what speed the train was running on. 

The train was delayed b 20 minutes and at 2:30 PM we were at Madgaon station.

The journey was tiring but as I said above Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai.

Next, we had to look out for a accommodation near Madgaon and I know of a place here, as I had stayed there when I had come for the Carnival in 2012 which happens somewhere in the months of February and March. 

Jawahar - Dabhosa Waterfall

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

After visiting Sunset Point we headed to Shivneri Garden Dhaba on the outskirts of Jawahar City to have our lunch.

There are very few hotels here. We had Egg Bhurji, Veg Kolhapuri and Roti for lunch. The taste differs but when you are hungry, the taste doesn't matter.

We inquired with the hotel manager in regards to directions to Dabhosa Waterfall and Bhupatgad Fort. He informed us that both places are far from each other and than we could do only one of them, as it was rainy season we decided t do the waterfall.

The way to the waterfall is from the village. We need to travel by the Silvassa Road to reach the Waterfall.  Ask the locals and they will guide you with directions to the Silvassa Road. The are sign boards putup on trees leading to the waterfall. If you follow them, you can't get lost.

Again the roads are a mixture of of good stretches and potholes. So it is advisable to take a 4*4 along else you will damage the shocs of the car. 

The view around was scenic. The sun had made a special guest appearance amongst the dark clouds and brightened up the place. Don't have words to describe the beauty around. So have taken snaps.

As I said greenery all around us. I could smell the leaves of the trees around. Have to say that nature can give you a High.

Though the hotel manager told me 18 km , it was around 40 km one way to reach the waterfall. We have to travel slowly due to bad stretch on the road most of the times. 

Finally we reached the waterfall. The view was just amazing. Now we can go till the bottom of the waterfall or view the waterfall from the top.

Neha and I decided to reach the bottom of the waterfall. A trail down the valley leads to the base of the waterfall. The trail is made of small rocks and mud. So in the rains it is very slippery. 

We started our trek down the waterfall as it was sunny and the rocks were dry. Clicked some amazing snaps and selfies with the waterfall in the backdrop. The water is muddy and so is the waterfall. 

Half way down the stretch we decided not to trek down as the water was dirty and so decided to make our way atop when the rains started making the climb uphill difficult, but we still managed to get to the top. 

Though we managed to do most of the places on our itinerary except for Bhupatgad Fort. 

As we traveled by car we were able to cover most of the places, had it been public transport I guess we would have covered only Hanuman Point, Sunset Point and Jai Vilas Palace

This journey was fun I should say, really loved the weather and the nature around, truly refreshing and to top it, it didn't tire us up either. Hope to have more trips like these in the future. 

Other waterfalls around Mumbai are Zenith in Khopoli, Chinchoti and Kalote

Jawahar - Sunset Point

Monday, August 18, 2014

After departing from Jai Vilas Palace we decided to see Sunset Point

As the name suggests it should be seen in the evening when the sun sets. But its monsoon and it was a gloomy day, so not sure if the sun would be visible to us, we decided to see it in the afternoon.

Again there are signboards across the city to reach Sunset Point. Tiny curvy roads filled with people lead you to the point.

This point again offers a view very similar to Hanuman Point. Lush greenery all around. All the possible shades of green. So soothing to my eyes. Strong winds blowing all around made me feel even wonderful. I wish I could paraglide from here. If wishes were horses men would ride.   

I also saw this grafiti on the grass drawn by some jerk clearly visible from the point. 

Couple of animals grazing on the grass in a distance was a nice sight to see. 

A meet two bikers there who have come from Vapi in Gujarat. There were creating a fire to cook themselves some chicken. Yummy.  Hoping they would ask me to stay back. Again hope.

It was 2 PM, our stomach growling we decided to have lunch. 

To read about Jawahar - Dabhosa Waterfall.

Jawahar - Jai Vilas Palace

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

After enjoying the wonderful view at Hanuman Point we headed to see the Jai Vilas Palace.

The Palace was built by Raje Yashwant Rao Maukane. Though not much is known about the history of this place.

 The Palace is located very near to the city of Jawahar. There are two entry points that lead to the Palace aka Raj Wada, Walking is the only way to reach the Palace. Again no signboards to show the entry points. Advisable to ask the locals. 

We decided to park the car at Shivneri Dhaba and from there walk it out to the Palace. On the left hand side of the Dhaba there is a road which leads to the Palace. Remember we need to take a right and keep walking till you reach the Palace. 

Thick vegetation all around us, finally we reached the Palace. The location was good enough to make a spooky film.

The front entrance of the Palace is just beautiful.Though it doesn't stand out in comparison to the Palaces of Rajasthan but it has a charm of its own. I guess this is the rain look it is sporting now. It might have been beautiful in its glory days. 

The horse carts used to park themselves here and from there the Raje used to enter the Palace. Reminded me of the classic hindi movies which have the car parked outside its door. Exit car and enter house. 

Though the Raje doesnt stay here. He stays in Pune but he keeps visiting his place often as informed by the caretaker.

The caretaker lets you see the Palace from inside, though not all but some parts of it. We gave him Rs.50 to which he readily agreed. 

He showed us the Palace. One side  of the Palace is used as accomodation for the current Raje (King) so no public access. 
The Palace houses a photo of the four generations of Raje. The great grandson is the one who pays it a visit from Pune. 

As per the caretaker, this Palace was built later, the first one was built in the heart of the city. It collapsed and so this one was built later. 

Internally the Palace is in very bad shape, due to the rains the ceiling is leaking, you will see plastic sheets all over trying to cover it from the rains.

I guess the Raje should look at renovating the Palace. But the amount needed will be huge due to the size of it.

One of the rooms featured the toys and the old furniture on the Palace. Again not well kept. 

Another room had a piano and a King size bed along with a couple of chairs, tables all stacked up. Again covered with dust. Royal stuff lying in this condition. Shame. 

Another room featured two cannons and a taxi dermy of a lion which is in very bad shape.

I guess the Palace needs repairs and renovation.

Just a thought in my mind which I shared with Manohar, when the Raje comes does he too have to walk till here? 

We then headed off to see Sunset Point

Jawahar - Journey to Hanuman Point at Jawahar

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I have been planning Jawahar for quite some days now. But the plans used to never finalize into a successful trip.

Finally I decided that I will go come what may, I asked  Manohar and he agreed to join me. Two's company as for now.

Jawahar doesn't have a very good connectivity when it comes to public transport so we decided to travel by Manohar's car.

I asked a couple of my friends and Neha agreed to join in. Three's co.

Jawahar is located around 168 km away from Mumbai by road. Now there were two ways of reaching it. The Bhiwandi Wada Road or the Dahanu Jawahar Road. We decided to take the Dahanu Jawahar Road as it was a better road compared to the other.

Looked up the place on google maps and it showed a estimated time of three hours. We had planned to do Jai Vilas Palace, Hanuman Point, Sunset Point, Dhabosa Waterfall and Bhupatgad Fort. 

Manohar started at 6:45 am, picked up Neha followed by me on the Western Express Highway at around 8:15 PM. 

It took time as the car tire was punctured.

Now it was a gloomy rainy day. It has already started pouring heavily when I was picked up and I was hoping it stays this way till the end of our trip.

Not much rush on the road and in no time we were out of city limits on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway (NH8)

Apologies, as it was raining outside the car windows were rolled up and so you will see the window reflection in some of my photos. 

Our car raced the trucks on the big fat and wet tar road cutting through the hills. The sky dull and dark, the grass and trees swaying in the winds was a wonderful sight to see. So many shades of green. BTW the color green is very soothing for our eyes. The hills tops covered with clouds. Gave me a fantastic feeling. 

Now there are no proper sign boards on the road, indicating which turn to take to go to Jawahar. As I mentioned as per google maps there are two ways to reach, one is via the the Dahanu Jawahar Road and the other is via the Bhiwandi Wada Road.

We decided to break for breakfast at 9:30 AM at Kamat's. Self service, I like that. We had breakfast in the form of Masala Dosa, Upma and Idli Sambar. Not sure when and where lunch would be served. Have to say the quality of the food is good, a little expensive price wise but its okay, after all it is located in the middle of nowhere. 

I had my stomach full, not sure about Manohar and Neha and we headed off on the highway. We decided to ask around, hoping that we don't miss the road. One of the guy's at a beer shop informed us to take a right at Charoti Naka. But where is Charoti Naka as we were not able to locate it on our maps.  

Finally we reached a junction, it was Charoti Naka. We took a right turn here, asked a couple of locals and they informed that this road led to Jawahar. The Dahanu Jawahar Road intersects the NH8 at Charoti Naka. Now we were on State Highway 78. It didn't look like one as it was a narrow road which could let only two cars overtake each other.  

The road was in good condition, but was deserted, I don't recollect any one overtaking us, but met just four vehicles on the opposite way. 

It has stopped raining now, but the weather was pleasant. The skies were still dark. Lush greenery on  either side of the road. The road took a left turn then a right, then went uphill and then downhill.  As I said so many shades of green.

We saw many small waterbodies and waterfalls on the way. Strong winds blowing made the green grass slay making beautiful patterns all around.

Clusters of square shaped houses made off mud with manglorean tiles on the roof were covered on all sides with farms and trees. 

I wouldn't mind staying here nor do I mind staying in the hills all alone by myself. 

A couple of farmers were ploughing their fields. Farming is not an easy activity. I guess it was a family affair as I saw family in the muddy waters, putting the rice sapling. Now this is painful task. It is due to their efforts that we get rice to eat. 

From State Highway 78 we moved to State Highway 35. Ther eis no signboard in regards to the State Highway. Google Maps provides with this info.  

Finally at 11:30 AM we reached Jawahar. We reached the heart of the city. As the roads were deserted it was fun travelling on them. So it is necessary to travel by private transport here. 

Now there are proper signboards here. We decided to head to Hanuman Point. In a couple of minutes we were at Hanuman Point.

No rains, but it was a windy day. The Hanuman Temple (Maruti Temple) was painted Orange and White. The color contrast was too bright. The temple was renovated recently, atleast by the look of it. The Maruti Temple is also called as Katya Maruti Mandir. The present location is surrounded by valley on all three sides. 

Hanuman Point aka Devkobacha Kada aka Sunrise Point.

Behind it was the valley. AMG. What a view of the hill ranges around. Due to heavy rainfall, it could see green all around.Again hill tops capped with clouds. Water flowing downstream, tiny ziz zag roads cutting through the greenery. The color was so soothing to my eyes.  

In a distance on our right hand side I could locate the Jai Vilas Palace. We then headed there.  Jawahar - Jai Vilas Palace.

Elephanta Caves and Cannon HIll near Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Monday, August 11, 2014

Michael and I were planning an outing since a long time, so that we could take some good snaps.  As it was summer time we didn't want to do a difficult trek so we settled for Elephanta Caves.

We decided to meet the next morning at 8:15 Am at Churchgate station, from there we were going to board a Taxi to The Gateway of India. We wanted to be in time to board the 9 AM ferry.

Now we had asked another friend Elroy to join us too. But sadly he couldn’t make it, so it was the two of us.

We met at Churchgate at 8:15 AM and decided to walk it out to Gateway of India.

As it was a Saturday morning, there was less traffic on the road plus it was not that hot so it was a pleasant walk to Gateway.

At 8:45 AM we were near Hotel Taj. The sky was clear and we managed to get beautiful photos of Hotel Taj and The Gateway of India.

I had read in the newspapers a couple of months ago that the Caves would be shut for maintenance purposes, but they never mentioned a date. I was hoping that it would be open.

We started asking around for the ferry to Elephanta, we managed to spot the one going to Alibag, again there was a huge crowd to board it.

Finally a man yelled in a distance, “Elephanta chi ferry aata sutnar ahe, lavkar ya” meaning the ferry to Elephanta will leave now, so if you want to board it, hurry.

We immediately rushed to the ferry, as we were right on time, no idea when the next ferry was. The ferry leaves from the front of the Gateway of India. As soon as we stepped on the ferry, it departed.  The caves are shut on Monday. The first ferry from Gateway of India to Elephanta is at 9 AM and the last ferry from Elephanta to Mumbai is at 5:30 PM

The ferry ticket cost us Rs.150, for a return trip. The ferry was packed with people, mostly locals and a few foreigners. The upper deck will cost you Rs.10 extra.  There is less shade on the upper deck, but if you want to get baked then that is the place to be.

Initially we crossed small ferry boats anchored in the waters, awaiting their turn to ferry people to either Alibag or Elephanta. Soon it was just water all around us.

To our left were some naval ships parked in a distance. I wanted to take snaps of it so rushed to the end of the ferry to which, one of the crew members advised me not to take photos of them. There is a board put up, advising you not the snap when on the ferry.

Looking as us clicking photos, a few of the people on board also started clicking photos with their camera phones. I told Michael, that we inspired the people on the ferry to take snaps.

In an hour time we were at Elephanta Jetty. From here it was a walk for around 25 minutes to reach the base of the Caves.

Elephanta Caves are also called Gharapuri Lenee, Lenee means Caves in Marathi language are located on Elephanta Island. There are two groups of caves here, the big ones as we enter are the Hindu Caves followed by the Buddhist Caves on the other side.

There is an entry fee to Elephanta Island, price being Rs.5 each. People come up with strange ways to earn a living. There is a mini train service here, which drops you to the base, but for a price. We decided to walk it out, hoping to we some good photos of the surroundings. 
It was fruitful to walk, we managed to snap, the waters, the hills and also the city of Mumbai to our right hand side and Navi Mumbai to the left.  Though there are skyscrapers on bought side, it was a bit difficult to tell what is what.  As the ferry left from Mumbai, we knew which way the city was.

We managed to get snaps of fishes in the waters and also crabs on the rocks, when we were clicking photos a family came there.  The guy introduced the crabs as kachua meaning tortoise to his family to which they readily agreed. “Tortoise, from which angle does the crab appear like a tortoise” top which we both burst out laughing.

There were shops all around selling, food articles, cold drinks and caps to beat the summer heat. We then reached the base of the caves, there are hotels here catering to the food needs of the tourists.  From here the climb begins uphill. There are neatly carved stairs which lead till the entrance of the caves.  The way up in nicely covered as there are shops on either side of the stairs, selling t-shirts and stones. None of them were of interest to us and so we headed to the top.

There are chair cars available for people who find it difficult to climb till the top. So the person has to sit on it and another two people will carry him till the top.

There are monkeys around too, I was telling Michael about an incident that happened when I went to Matheran, where I did an eye contact with the monkey and he refused to let me go. I dared Michael to do the same. To which he laughed and said “Are you mad.”

Finally we reached the entrance of the caves. Again there is a ticket to view them. Cost being Rs.10 for Indians and Rs.250 for Foreigners.  Wonder why such a big difference in price.

We took our tickets and headed off to see the first and the biggest cave in Elephanta. There are sculptors of Hindu Gods carved in it. Don’t ask me the names of the Gods, as I don’t know them myself.

Please refer to Wikipedia for history about these caves, there were huge pillars that were carved and holding the structure and the walls are carved with photos of Gods. As the caves are dark it is advisable to take a camera which is good in taking low light images to take photos. My digi camera didn’t have the feature but our smart phones did have it and so was put to use. Michael got amazing snaps with his phone, not me :(

One of the sculptures is that of the Trimurthi, now how I know this. Is the question in your mind? Simple it featured on our history books in my schooling days.

There are security guards placed all over the caves, so that people don’t get too close to the carvings. Also we are aware about a few ignorant people who love to write their names on the walls. So it’s best to have guards here to keep a watch on such people.

The sculptor in the caves was very similar to the ones I saw at Cave 16. At Ellora in Aurangabad.  The caves also feature two Shivling’s , The temples are carved in rock, one has lion like  structure outside it, guarding it and the other has huge sculptor of Gods guarding it.

In the initial days, when they were discovered these caves were not maintained and so certain sculptors have broken. But it is a good thing that ASI and UNESCO are working on maintaining what is left of them.

After checking out the caves here we then headed off to the other side to see the Buddhist Caves.  I have been to a couple of them all over Maharashtra.  The resemblance is the same.  They don’t have many carvings to display and size wise they are very small. 

Again they have a couple of pillars, this is something new I discovered, as I haven’t seen much pillar construction on Buddhist Caves.  Maybe the makers were influenced by the Hindu Cave makers. 

One of the security guys was driving the dogs and monkeys away, 
when I asked why, he informed me that the Director of ASI was going to pay a visit to these caves and they have been given strict instructions that animals are not to be seen. How can you drive an animal away when it has been there for most of its life?  Both Michael and I burst out laughing on seeing the demands of the Director of ASI.

In fact we saw a guard hurling a stone at a dog, now what if the dog turns around and catches the stone and throws it back at the security guard, I know that it is just a thought, but it will be a amazing comic sight to see, to which we both burst out laughing.

There are loo’s placed at the end of the Buddhist  Caves, though they are not in good shape, but at least you can pee there if not poop.

There is also a museum located at the ticket counter, but it was closed so we headed to see the Cannon on Cannon Hill.

After walking uphill for around 20 minutes we were finally at one of the cannons. The cannon is placed at such an angle, from where it  gets a commanding position of the land and the sea around. The cannon are not in use. But offers a wonderful of the hillside, sea and Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in a distance.

We then headed to the other identical cannon a few minutes away. Again it offers a good view of the surrounding.  After exploring both cannons we headed downhill for some lunch.

It was around 1 PM and people we climbing up in large nos. Wonder how many will reach the top with a lot of breaks. All the best to them.

We headed to Elephanta Port for lunch. Our lunch comprised of Aloo Sabzi and Chapati. The chapattis were hot and soft. Made to order. The vegetable was nicely prepared. Had a sumptuous meal here, feeling full.

We then walked our way to the ferry jetty to board a ferry to Gateway of India.

First time outing trip was Michael, great fun. What say Michael?

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