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Jawahar - Jai Vilas Palace

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

After enjoying the wonderful view at Hanuman Point we headed to see the Jai Vilas Palace.

The Palace was built by Raje Yashwant Rao Maukane. Though not much is known about the history of this place.

 The Palace is located very near to the city of Jawahar. There are two entry points that lead to the Palace aka Raj Wada, Walking is the only way to reach the Palace. Again no signboards to show the entry points. Advisable to ask the locals. 

We decided to park the car at Shivneri Dhaba and from there walk it out to the Palace. On the left hand side of the Dhaba there is a road which leads to the Palace. Remember we need to take a right and keep walking till you reach the Palace. 

Thick vegetation all around us, finally we reached the Palace. The location was good enough to make a spooky film.

The front entrance of the Palace is just beautiful.Though it doesn't stand out in comparison to the Palaces of Rajasthan but it has a charm of its own. I guess this is the rain look it is sporting now. It might have been beautiful in its glory days. 

The horse carts used to park themselves here and from there the Raje used to enter the Palace. Reminded me of the classic hindi movies which have the car parked outside its door. Exit car and enter house. 

Though the Raje doesnt stay here. He stays in Pune but he keeps visiting his place often as informed by the caretaker.

The caretaker lets you see the Palace from inside, though not all but some parts of it. We gave him Rs.50 to which he readily agreed. 

He showed us the Palace. One side  of the Palace is used as accomodation for the current Raje (King) so no public access. 
The Palace houses a photo of the four generations of Raje. The great grandson is the one who pays it a visit from Pune. 

As per the caretaker, this Palace was built later, the first one was built in the heart of the city. It collapsed and so this one was built later. 

Internally the Palace is in very bad shape, due to the rains the ceiling is leaking, you will see plastic sheets all over trying to cover it from the rains.

I guess the Raje should look at renovating the Palace. But the amount needed will be huge due to the size of it.

One of the rooms featured the toys and the old furniture on the Palace. Again not well kept. 

Another room had a piano and a King size bed along with a couple of chairs, tables all stacked up. Again covered with dust. Royal stuff lying in this condition. Shame. 

Another room featured two cannons and a taxi dermy of a lion which is in very bad shape.

I guess the Palace needs repairs and renovation.

Just a thought in my mind which I shared with Manohar, when the Raje comes does he too have to walk till here? 

We then headed off to see Sunset Point


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