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Satpati Lighthouse in Satpati in Maharashtra

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Satpati Lighthouse is located in the fishing village of Satpati which is near Shirgaon in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. 

View from Satpati Lighthouse

View from Satpati Lighthouse

The Satpati Lighthouse is around 35metres tall at little shorter than the one at Arnala. Infact the lighthouse is so tall that I could be seen from a distance. The lighthouse is painted white and red from the outside. The directions to it are tagged on google maps. 

There is a fee of Rs.10 for Indians and timings to visit the lighthouse. The lighthouse is not open to public in the afternoon. We paid the fee and visited the premises. A spiral staircase, next to the walls of the circular lighthouse leads us to the top. the spiral staircase might give vertigo issues at it is quite tall.
Spiral staircase leading to the top of the Satpati Lighthouse

Finally we were atop the lighthouse, a balcony there provides one with a 360 degree view of the sea (horizon) and the land around. The cool breeze blowing was also refreshing. One is not allowed to go near the lamp of the lighthouse. 
Satpati Lighthouse
We then headed back to the base of the lighthouse.  

We traveled by car to the lighthouse. The ST bus stand and rickshaw stand is very near to the lighthouse premises. As there were no ST buses there, not sure which buses come to Satpati. There is provision for food and refreshments near the ST bus stand.

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