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Varai Sativali Hot Water Springs on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway, Palghar district in Maharashtra

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Varai Sativali is a hot water spring located off the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. Virar Railway station is located around 20 KM away.
Varai Sativali Hot Water Springs

Initially we were under the impression that the hot water springs are at Sativali, a industrial estate near Vasai. So after exploring Banganga near Nimboli Hot Water Springs, we headed over to Sativali. We asked a couple of rickshaw drivers, but they all told us that there are no hot water springs here. I was like, 'How can that be' as it is put up on internet. No directions on Google Maps. Finally some ray of hope. A rickshaw driver informed us that there is a place called 'Varai Sativali, beyond Virar on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway, there are hot water springs there'

We headed off the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway, keeping an eye for any signboard in regards to the hot water springs, finally we did see a signboard. we took a left and the road led to the springs.
Varai Sativali Hot Water Springs

The hot water springs are located in the premises of Sri Shankar Mandir. There is a single pool for the ladies. Three pools for the men. The surface near the pool was hot as hell, we couldn't walk there on naked feet. So Manohar got some old newspapers so that we could sit near the pool premises and dip our legs in the water. Finally after some convincing by Manohar, I got into the water after rolling up my pants. The pool was thigh deep. The hot water was refreshing for my legs. I cleansed by legs, hands and face with the water. The temperature of water differed in all the pools. The first one being the hottest of  the lot. My skin color is  brown, but as soon as I got out of the water, it had turned red. You can now imagine how hot the water was.
Signboard to watchout for on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway

This place was the last on our itinerary of Hot Water Springs around the western suburbs of Mumbai. We saw Vajreshwari, Nimboli, Ganeshpuri and Banganga. But experience here was the best, as there was no crowd here. Not sure if it was the hot summer afternoon or if too many people don't know about this place. We then headed over to Mumbai.

I will be exploring Peshwa Kalin Stepwell at Badlapur and the hot water spring at Shahapur, in my next trip, so stay tuned. 


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