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Banganga near Nandi Gaygotha near Nimboli Hot Water springs, Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane District in Maharashtra

Monday, October 3, 2016

Banganga Cold Water Spring is located near the villages of Nandi and Gaygotha which are a couple of KM away from Nimboli village near Nimboli Hot Water springs, Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane District in Maharashtra.
Banganga near Nandi Gaygotha villages

After visiting the Ganeshpuri Hot Water Spring, we headed over to Banganga. The roads are in very bad shape, it will surely test the suspension of your car and bike. Again car and bike is the only way of reaching it as there is no ST bus that ply on this road, but share rickshaw is available, reason I am saying this, is because I saw a share rickshaw. not sure of the origination or destination point of it.

After driving at a snail's speed, crossing the Nandi and Gaygotha village we finally saw a signboard on the left hand side of the road, leading to Banganga.
View of the waterbody along with the Banganga near Nandi Gaygotha

I have been to Banganga tank near Walkeshwar in Mumbai, though that experience was not good as the place had weird stink. But things have improvement there of lately, as confirmed by my friend.

Legend states that Banganga means, that a arrow was shot in the ground and water from the Ganga got accumulated there.
Signboard to watchout for

We finally reached Banganga. It is a well like structure. Though I could see bubbles in the water, the ladies washing clothes near it confirmed that the water is cold. It is a cold water spring. The ladies used the water to wash clothes. Meaning, water is not fit for consumption purposes. There is also a water body near the spring premises. cattle come here to bathe in the water. But I should say that the view is scenic here.

The villagers in Gaygotha informed that there is a hot water spring in the village of Pimplas in Wada and that this road led to it, but the road is in very bad shape and that it will take around 2 hours to reach. We the gave up on Pimplas and headed over to the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway as we had to visit Varai Sativali Hot Water Springs. 


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