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Junnar Caves : Shivneri Caves in Junnar in Maharashtra

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Junnar Caves:

There are around 200 Buddhist caves in the hills of Junnar. The largest collection of caves at a single place in the whole of India. These caves belong to the Hinayana (Theravada) phase of Buddhism. They were built between 3rd century BC to 3rd century AD. The Junnar Caves are further divided on the hill ranges. The  Tulja Caves, The Shivneri Caves near the Shivneri Fort, The Manmodi Hills (comprising of Amba Ambika Caves, Bhimashankar Caves and Bhutalinga Caves) and Lenyadri Caves aka Ganesh Caves. 

Shivneri Caves

Shivneri Caves

After exploring Tulja Caves we came back to Junnar ST bus stand for directions to Lenyadri Caves. In a distance I could see the Shivneri Fort. The top of the fort couldn't be seen as it had a thick rain cloud cover around it. It reminded me of Purandar fort. Where Dominic and I were walking in the clouds to reach the topmost point of the fort.
Shivneri Caves

Stupa at Shivneri Caves
We didn’t visit Shivneri Caves. But you can read about them in my blog on Shivneri Fort as I had explored it then. 
Shivneri Caves

We then headed to Lenyadri Caves aka Ganesh Caves the last on our Agenda.


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