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Chambhar Leni Caves near Ramshej Fort near Nasik off the Nasik Gujarat Highway

Friday, October 28, 2016

After visiting Ramshej fort, we traveled by the Peth Road, towards Nasik city to visit the Chamber Leni Caves. The Caves are around 7 KM away from Ramshej Fort. The caves are located off the Nasik Gujarat highway. One can locate the Caves from a distance. The Cave is actually a temple. It is painted white and can be seen from a distance.
Chambhar Leni Caves midway on the hill

There are signboards on the way and we followed them to reach the car parking. Now starts the climb till to the temple. The temple is located somewhere in the middle of the hill.  A series of steps leads to the temple.

The climb looked simple but was tiring. It will test your leg muscles. It took us around 30 minutes to reach the top after taking a lot of breaks. The steps are uniform in size. There is also a railing on either side when the climb is steep. Thanks to the green cover. It protected us from the sun's rays at regular intervals and also saved us from getting dehydrated. The climb reminded me of my trip to Mumbra Devi temple in Mumbra. 

Stairs leading to Chambhar Leni Caves

Chambhar Leni Caves are Jain caves that were built in the 4th century. Chambhar Leni is the portion of the Teerthraj Gajpantha, which is a holy place of the Jains. It is believed that Chambhar Leni was built by the King of Mysore, Chamraj, in the 600 BC, the name of the caves is derived from the name of the King. The temple is painted white. It is newly constructed but not very new also. It has a huge statue of Mahavir in it. The steps near the temple are steep and it is a 85 degree climb. One can enter the temple premises. Food cannot be consumed in the temple premises. The extension of the temple is still ongoing.
Huge Statue of  Mahavir at Chambhar Leni Caves
The temple offers a breath taking view of the city of Nasik in a distance. The panoramic view is just amazing. Thanks to the sun once again for shining brightly.

Panoramic vie of Nasik City from Chambhar Leni Caves

The temple can be seen in 10 minutes. For the religious it might take longer. We then braked outside the temple premises for a short nap. Total piece of mind can be attained here as there is nothing to disturb. 

Chambhar Leni Caves

We started our descent downhill. Getting down the stairs was equally painful on the leg muscles. In 30 minutes we were down at the base. 

That's us
What a climb it was. The panoramic photos paid off for the climb.
We then headed to see the
Pandav Leni Caves in Nasik.


Unknown said...

We use to hike in the night from Boys' Town to Chamber leni climb up to the temple and hike back to school by the morning. We would do this on full moon night the year was 1970 Mr Rod Gilbert would take us there he would lead us it was a great adventure during that time as Nasik city was very small we would cross the Godiva right when the water would very low. Or else we wold have to walk over the bridge which would a few more kms.

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