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Satpati Lighthouse in Satpati in Maharashtra

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Satpati Lighthouse is located in the fishing village of Satpati which is near Shirgaon in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. 

View from Satpati Lighthouse

View from Satpati Lighthouse

The Satpati Lighthouse is around 35metres tall at little shorter than the one at Arnala. Infact the lighthouse is so tall that I could be seen from a distance. The lighthouse is painted white and red from the outside. The directions to it are tagged on google maps. 

There is a fee of Rs.10 for Indians and timings to visit the lighthouse. The lighthouse is not open to public in the afternoon. We paid the fee and visited the premises. A spiral staircase, next to the walls of the circular lighthouse leads us to the top. the spiral staircase might give vertigo issues at it is quite tall.
Spiral staircase leading to the top of the Satpati Lighthouse

Finally we were atop the lighthouse, a balcony there provides one with a 360 degree view of the sea (horizon) and the land around. The cool breeze blowing was also refreshing. One is not allowed to go near the lamp of the lighthouse. 
Satpati Lighthouse
We then headed back to the base of the lighthouse.  

We traveled by car to the lighthouse. The ST bus stand and rickshaw stand is very near to the lighthouse premises. As there were no ST buses there, not sure which buses come to Satpati. There is provision for food and refreshments near the ST bus stand.

Arnala beach in Arnala near Virar in Maharashtra

Monday, November 5, 2018

Arnala beach is located in Arnala near Virar in Maharashtra. Arnala Fort is located very close to the beach.
Arnala beach in Arnala near Virar in Maharashtra

 We decided to travel to Virar station by a local train and from there board the State Transport bus to the beach. One can also travel to the beach via a private vehicle or rickshaw. Directions to Arnala beach are tagged on google maps. 

Refreshments are available near the beach premises.
Waves lashing onto the black sands of Arnala beach in Arnala near Virar in Maharashtra
We reached the beach around 5 PM like always. The sun was shining with cool breeze blowing. The waters appeared like glittering gold due to the sun. There were a couple of locals who were out for a swim in the waters. We didn't venture in the waters. 

Garbage and people at Arnala beach in Arnala near Virar in Maharashtra
Sad to say but there was a lot of garbage on the shores of Arnala Beach. Hopefully beach cleaning needs to be undertaken. i guess it was high tide due to which the garbage would have landed on the shores.
Arnala fort on the island
Arnala is a black sand beach. We clicked a couple of photos and then waited for the sun to set. Got some wonderful photos here. We could see the island of Arnala which houses the Arnala fort in a distance. 
Fathima and Me at Arnala beach in Arnala near Virar in Maharashtra
We then decided to head back home. 

Suruchi beach in Vasai near Mumbai in Maharashtra

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Suruchi Beach is located in Vasai West near Mumbai in Maharashtra. Directions to the same are located on Google Maps.
Suruchi Beach, Vasai
As we (Fathima and me) stay in Vasai, we traveled by rickshaw to the beach premises. Pls note: The rickshaws don't run on meter here and hence they will charge a lump sum amount. We were charged Rs.150 but post negotiation the rickshaw driver came down to Rs.100. There is a rickshaw stand near the beach premises. Else the closest State transport bus stand is around 45 minutes away from there (walking). The best form of transport is private vehicle here.
Fathima and me at Suruchi Beach, Vasai
At the beach premises there are plenty of places to eat and drink.

By the time we reached the beach it was around 5PM. Though the sun was beating us down with the heat we kept going due to the breeze.
Suruchi Beach, Vasai
Suruchi is basically a black sand beach. We walked to the stretch near to the boats anchored in the water (Bhayandar side) as it was less crowded there. Fathima decided to build her sand castle. Here is the pic of her castle. 
Fathima making sand castle at Suruchi Beach, Vasai
We walked on the sand hand in hand with our footprints in the sand which were soon to fade away with the next wave lashed on to them. 
Footprints in sand, Suruchi Beach, Vasai
Not sure if you feel the same, but when we go to the beach, it brings the child back in us. We play in the sand, build castles in the sand and finally dip our legs in the waters. 
In the waters of Suruchi Beach, Vasai
We didn't bathe in the waters as most do, as the water color was not very appealing.
Sunset at Suruchi Beach, Vasai
We then sat and watched the sun go down the horizon. Soon it was starting to turn dark and we were being attached my mosquitoes so decided to head back home.
Dusk at Suruchi beach, Vasai
But we still had a good time at the beach. Thanks Fathima for getting us to this beach.

Dahanu Beach in Dahanu in Maharashtra

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dahanu Beach is located in Dahanu in Palghar district in Maharashtra. 
Dusk at Dahanu Beach in Dahanu in Maharashtra

If you wish to drive down then instructions for the same are available on google maps. Public transport is available from Dahanu railway station. There are plenty of places dine and stay near the beach premises. Rents may vary depending as to how far or close you are from the beach premises. 

Dahanu Fort is located very close to Dahanu Beach.

By the time we reached the beach premises the sun had already set, but the skyline was beautiful. We enjoyed the view sitting there till the mosquitoes came around and started to buzz us off. There are plenty of fast food stalls at the beach, there are also camel rides available at the beach premises. 

As the tide was low, children were playing football on the beach. The health conscious were on their evening walks on the beach. 

Dawn at Dahanu Beach in Dahanu in Maharashtra
It is very relaxing on the beach, no matter how tired you are. The sea somehow calms one down. We stayed at a friends place and then headed to the beach the next morning. Again the tide was low. We felt calm and relaxed on the beach.

We then headed back home.

Vandri lake and dam in Maharashtra

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vandri lake is located very near to Mumbai in Maharashtra. The directions to it are tagged on google maps. Not sure if public transport is available to reach it, we traveled by Manohar's car.

Sunrise at Vandri Lake

 It took us around 40 minutes to reach the lake premises. 40 minutes from Vasai Phata. We left early in the morning as we wanted to reach there before sunrise. The roads near the lake premises are narrow and winding so drive safely there. 

Vandri lake video :

Finally we were at the banks of the lake. The sun had just risen from behind the hills. The view was just amazing. the rays of the sun on the clouds formed an amazing pattern in the skies, the reflection of the sun on the glittering lake waters was nice too. The hills ranges in distance we created a nice picture.

Manohar put his hand in the water and it was not cold at all. We could see steam in a distance not sure the reason for the same. The locals around didn't know the cause of it either.
Fathima, Me and Manohar at Vandri lake
The men from the village would come there, to brush their teeth and finally have a swim or should I say a bath in the waters before they head for their daily chores.

The women would sit at the banks of the lake and wash the clothes. No wonder the the white clothes worn by the villagers are so white. LOL.
Villager swimming in the waters of Vandri Lake
The quite lake, the sound of the birds was soothing to my ears. Though we sat there just staring at the rising sun, we felt so relaxed and stress free. Though we are so close to the city of Mumbai, it felt like we were somewhere in the wilderness.

The villagers had instructed us not to visit the dam, so didn't go. Also there is a board at the entrance of the dam stating "No Trespassing."
The huge tree near Vandri lake

We sat there for sometime and then headed to our car. We then noticed a huge tree. Maybe 2 to 3 stories high with a 360 degree leave cover all around. Something we rarely see in Mumbai. We then headed to the tree trunk. The green cover was dense. It would provide good shade and breeze in the hot summers.

There are no hotels around this location, so do carry food and water and please keep the lake and dam premises clean. 

We then headed back home after enjoying the early morning sunrise. 

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