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Kalote Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba in Kalote Mokashi near Karjat

Monday, August 10, 2015

Kalote Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba is located near to Kalote Mokashi. The closest Railway stations are Karjat and Khopoli. If you travelling by road, then it is located off NH4. 
Kalote Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba

As planned Dominic and I decided to go visit the waterfalls of Kalote and Vangani on Saturday. Original plan was to visit Vangani first and Kalote later. 

We boarded the 7:03 AM Fast local to Karjat. The local trains to destination Karjat commence hourly so plan wisely as the trains could be crowded. The train was to reach Vangani at 8:15 AM and Karjat at 8:39 AM. The train was empty when I boarded it at Dadar. The train got packed at Thane, Dombivli, Kalyan, so much so that we had to drop the plan of alighting at Vangani station and head straight to Karjat.
Puri Bhaji for breakfast outside Karjat Station in the west

Apart from us there were many trekking groups who had boarded the train, not sure as to where they were headed. There was also a band of boys (school boys) who played the drum in the train, so loud that the I could feel my heartbeat racing. Loud music energizes you to dance, sadly there was no place to stand in the train. LOL.

Finally we reached Karjat at 8:39 AM. Crossed over to the West and had breakfast in the form of Puri Bhaji. I have had vada pav here when I visited Kondana Caves aka Kondivade Caves with Mike. it was crowded then and so it is now. It cost us Rs.20 a plate we headed over to the Shriram Pool (bridge) to board a tum tum to Kalote Village. 
View of the lake and the green water body behind

When we inquired with the Tum Tum drivers, they just stared at our faces. They informed us that no Tum Tum ply to that place from there. Strange as I had read on one of the blogs that they boarded a Tum Tum. It then occurred to me that they boarded it from the East. I immediately inquired if we were in the East or West. To which we were informed that we were in the West and that we had to cross the station and go to the east. 

I was sure that we would get lost as we did on most of our trips. We headed to the east and asked the Tum Tum drivers. They said they would go, but the journey would cost us Rs. 400 one way. "Rs.400 one way, while the return ticket from Andheri to Karjat cost me Rs.60." I didn't want to spend Rs.400 and so we started to walk, hoping to get a rickshaw or ST bus taking us there.
View of the fields and hills in a distance

In 10 minutes time we were at the ST bus stand of Karjat. We asked the Bus Conductors and locals about Kalote Waterfall and they too looked at our faces. Strange isn't it. People in the West and East have never heard of the village we want to go to.    

Finally a ray of hope. A man told us that there is a village a Kalounte where there is a waterfall. So much for the pronunciation. That's the place where we wanted to go. He told us to board a bus to Chowk aka Chowk Phata and from there we will get a Tum Tum to Kalote Mokashi. The entrance to Kalote Mokashi is off NH4 on the way to Khopoli. Though we had crossed it while we went to Khopoli, but due to no signboard we missed it. 
Road leading to the waterfall

Tum Tum outside the station on the eastern side drop one to Chowk aka Chowk Phata at a cost of Rs. 15 and the ST bus charges Rs.13 for a ticket. From Chowk aka Chowk Phata board a bus or Tum Tum going to Khopoli. The Tum Tum ride cost us Rs.10 each.

The time was now 11 AM on my watch when he exited the Tum Tum. There is small tea stall at the entrance road of Kalote Mokashi. He inquired for directions and headed straight on the road. The road is not in very good state, it had pot holes, muck and small stones. Thanks to the rains that the condition of the road has deteriorated. No wonder the Tum Tum drivers were charging us Rs.400 to reach here. 
The bungalow surrounded by water

We decided to walk it out as that was the only way of reaching the waterfall. As it had rained a lot, greenery was all around us. Like I always say the color Green was so soothing to my eyes. We saw a small well near a water body, due to the algae in it the water body looked green. Crossed a couple of villages. I asked one of the local's the name of the village. To which she informed that all are Kalote. Strange as all of them have only one name. 

We then saw this beautiful bungalow surrounded by a lake. The entrance to the bungalow is via a bridge. I wouldn't mind staying in it  and sitting by the lake to catch some fish for lunch. Patience is the key to catch a fish. Look at this pic, ain't it amazing.

We then headed onto the road to reach the waterfall. I believe plots of land have been sold to build vacation homes, as new houses are being constructed on either side of the road. The approach road is bad. 
Children from the village posing for a photo

Finally after walking for about and hour's time we were at the waterfall. Note that there are no signboards here, again  we asked the locals and they guided us to the waterfall. This waterfall cannot be seen from the road. One has to walk in the stream to reach it. 

Now we were not the only ones there, a big fat goan family had also come there. Now you will want to know how they are goans, based on they way of speaking konkanni. There is no charge to see the waterfall like at Bhivpuri Waterfall (Umroli) and at Palasdhari

We immediately jumped into the icy cold water. The villagers had put up stones around the waterfall making it like a small swimming pool so that people are not washed away by the flow of the water. The water was around chest deep but the rocks below were uneven and slippery. 
Stream leading to the waterfall

On Dom request I sat below the waterfall. The force was so strong that I felt like someone was throwing stones on me. I couldn't sit there much longer and hence sat on the other side. There is also a small but less forceful waterfall happening,  

The sound of the waterfall was deafening. It just cut me off from the rest of the world. I sat there thinking about having bath below the natural waterfall instead of the shower in the bathroom. It will  have a problem once the rains are over. LOL.

There is no food and water available here.We had carried snacks and beverages, which we had. The waterfall surrounding was clean, and that's the way it needs to be. After spending a hour in the mesmerizing waterfall we decided to move on as we had to visit Vangani Waterfall too. 
Dom and me at the waterfall

The children of Kalote will approach and say "Paisa Do" meaning give money. 

Again we walked on the same muddy cum potholed cum stony road for an hour;s time to reach NH4, from where we got a Tum Tum to Chowk aka Chowk Phata. 

At Chowk Phata we met with one of the rickshaw drivers who had charged us Rs.400 to go there from Karjat. He was surprised and stunned to learn that we visited the waterfall and are back. It cost us just Rs. 46 (for two). I couldn't stop laughing from within when I saw the look on his face. 
Kalote waterfall aka dhabdhaba

We then boarded a ST bus to Karjat bus stand. 

Stay tuned to my blog to read about Vangani Waterfall.

Other waterfalls aka Dhabdhaba that I have covered are Chinchoti Waterfall, Jawahar Waterfall and Zenith Waterfall in Khopoli. 


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