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Zenith Waterfall in Khopoli near Karjat

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Zenith Waterfall is located at Khopoli, the closest railway station being Khopoli. It is located very close to the old Mumbai Pune Highway. Khopoli is roughly around 80 KM away from Mumbai.
Zenith Waterfall
By the time we were done visiting Palasdhari Waterfall, the time was around 4:45 PM on my watch. Time was passing by and we were not sure how much time it would take us to reach and explore Zenith Waterfall from here. We still decided to take our chances and headed over to see Zenith Waterfall.

We initially traveled by the Karjat Khopoli Marg, later on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway. Finally we took a small road that runs parallel to the Old highway. This is the entrance to Khopoli. On this road is located the Khopoli Railway Station and the waterfall. This road later joins the Old Mumbai Pune Highway. I was introduced to this road by Massey, on our bike ride to Indurigad. It is like a shortcut while traveling to Pune by the Old highway. As the road is narrow it can be a bottleneck at times. There are houses and shops along with a Jain temple here. 

Panoramic view of Zenith Waterfall

In a matter of 30 minutes we  were at the entrance of the waterfall. Not sure as to why it is called Zenith Waterfall. The factory of India Steel Works is located very close to the waterfall.

From the entrance point I could see the waterfall from a distance, it was just amazing. The hill range has got many waterfalls, but all are not accessible. The sun had finally come out of the clouds and lightened up the place, making the view even more spectacular.

We parked the car at the entry point of the waterfall and from there headed over on foot to visit the waterfall. The stony trail leading to the waterfall is near a water stream. The water from the waterfall flows in the stream. 

Closer view of Zenith Waterfall
One has to cross the water stream twice to reach the waterfall. It is advisable to wear sandals or floaters as the water is knee deep. A thin muddy path surrounded by thick flora leads to the waterfall. 

Finally we were at the waterfall. The water falls from a 30 feet drop. Something very similar to Jawahar Waterfall in Jawahar. The stones near the waterfall had moss on them and were slippery. Neha, Urvashi and I decided to get in the waters while Manohar stayed put. But the strong wind and gushing waterfall, could get you wet even without stepping in the water. 
Urvashi, Neha and me in Zenith Waterfall
The water was ice cold, We couldn't stand below the waterfall as the pressure was to much. So Neha found a place to sit near it, Urvashi and I followed her. The pressure was so strong that I could hardly open my eyes. The sound of the waterfall blared in my ears, cutting me off from the rest of the world. 

The waterfall can be used to shoot dream song sequences. Many songs featured in Bollywood movies might have been shot here in the past. 

Apart from us there was a family there, who had come to see the waterfall. So it was just 15 of us in total. I don't like crowds. On weekdays there might be no crowd here. The good part is that there is no charge to see the waterfall. 
Manohar, Urvashi, Neha and Me at Zenith Waterfall
There is tea and corn available at the waterfall premises. 

What a fantastic way to end the trip. As someone has rightly said, we always save the best for last. The best waterfall on our waterfall trip. We had a great time. Thanks Guys :)

As it was almost dawn we headed over to the car park, had tea and snacks, from there headed home. Finally home at 10:00 PM. 


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