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Bhivpuri Waterfall (Umroli) at Bhivpuri near Karjat

Monday, August 3, 2015

I have been on many trips in many seasons, but I haven't covered many waterfalls, which is why I decided to visit Waterfalls around Mumbai in rains. As rains is the best time to visit them. 
Different shades of Green

I had shared my waterfall itinerary with Manohar, Dominic and Neha. Our itinerary was more or less the same. We then started our planning to visit the waterfalls, but due to some reason or the other the plans were getting cancelled. A couple of weeks passed by but no plans were getting materialized. I feared that soon the rains would be over and we would not visit a single waterfall.

A day in advance we decided to visit the waterfall. Fantastic Four (Manohar, Neha, Urvashi and Me). Manohar, Neha and I had done Jawahar Waterfall, last year. Urvashi and I had done Chinchoti Waterfall a couple of years ago. 
Manohar, Urvashi, Neha and Me

Our Itinerary had the waterfalls of Vangani, Kalote, Bhivpuri, Palasdari and Zenith in Khopoli. To cover five waterfalls in one trip is difficult if we travel by train, so we decided to travel by car so that we can cover as many as possible.

On most of our trips we rely big time on GPS and then we get lost. This time was no different. Time cost us dearly. We kick started our road trip from Ghatkopar Railway Station at 7:30 AM. Instead of taking the Karjat route we traveled on the Kasara route and that cost us dearly. Finally we decided to ask locals around for directions to Khopoli so that we don't waste any more time. Not sure which road we were traveling by, but we wanted to get to the waterfalls. 
Neha and Urvashi with backdrop of the waterfall
The weather around us had started changing now. We had left the hot sun and civilization back in Kalyan and were now being surrounded by hills, fields and houses in a distance. The weather had changed. The sun hid himself behind the rainy clouds. But no sign of the rains yet. 

No sooner had we crossed Neral Railway Station. (Base for Matheran) had it started raining heavily. The wipers were at their fastest, but we could hardly see the road. Soon the rain was gone and weather was pleasant. Different shades of green all around us. The color green was very soothing and refreshing to my eyes. Something very similar to Malsej Ghat and Jawahar

We traveled by the Neral-Badlapur Road, then onto the Karjat-Murbad Road to reach Umroli. 
Panoramic view of the waterfall

The hills had their heads in the clouds, the brightly colored houses stood out on the gloomy day. I had to switch on HDR mode to get the additional brightness. 
Different shades of Green

Bhivpuri Waterfall, was our first pit stop. It can be reached by boarding a Karjat local on the central railway line. Alighting at Karjat Railway Station, crossing over to the eastern side and boarding a rickshaw. Rickshaw fare can vary. Urvashi had asked one of the rickshaw drivers and he informed it will cost Rs 50. from Karjat Station to base village of waterfall i.e Umroli.
Crowd at Bhivpuri Waterfall

We parked the car at the base village (Umroli) to see the waterfall. The locals let out barren portions of their land for parking purposes but for a fee. Parking cost was Rs.50. To top it there is a fee to see the waterfall. Rs. 10 per person. From when did Waterfalls become chargeable? was the question in everyone's mind. The locals charge you Rs.10 but don't provide you with a receipt for the same. Cheap Jacks trying to make additional income, thanks to the waterfall. 

It is advisable to visit the waterfalls on the weekdays as the crowd is less then. After crossing two streams and then climbing up the hillock reaches one to the waterfall. It is advisable to wear sandals or floaters.  
Bhivpuri Waterfall
The different shades of green was so soothing to my eyes. The farms being cultivated in a distance, the hill locks covered with grass and the slippery and muddy path leading to the waterfall made a nice trek, We didn't break a sweat. But no rains either.

There was roadside make shift stalls selling cold drinks, tea and hard drinks along with corn smoked on charcoal and vada pav. 
Bhivpuri Waterfall in the background
The waterfall area was packed with people. Couples, friends, families who had come in large nos. to sit below the waterfall. The crowd up here was unbearable and hence we decided to visit Kalote waterfall in Karjat. 

As people we asked didn't know the whereabouts of it we went ahead and visited Palasdhari Waterfall. 


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