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Delhi : Sunder Mahal

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Next we headed out to see the Sunder Mahal located on the right hand side of Sunder Burj in Sunder Nursery.  
Sunder Mahal

Intial thoughts were that this might be a storage site. Rohan corrected me, stating that it is a Mahal a.k.a Palace.
Sunder Mahal from the inside
To my knowledge it didn't look like one. It was made of stone. Even the arches were made of stone arranged in different order, which gave it a unique look.
Sunder Mahal
The monument was under restoration as the inside was filled with building material. The so called Mahal had various entrances to it , which were all interconnected from within. The design pattern on the inside was common all over the Mahal i.e. the work on the walls and ceiling was the same.
Sunder Mahal

Delhi : Sunder Burj in Sunder Nursery

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

As we entered the premises of Sunder Nursery, this first structure we noticed was the Sunder Burj. Standing far away in a distance with light blue skies as its ceiling and green grass for the ground. The structure shown in the hot sun.
Sunder Burj

 As we grew closer to it, we noticed that the structure had recently been done up. On this Rohan replied. That all monuments in Delhi received a makeover, thanks to the Commonwealth Games.
The cropped green grass with stones paved in it leads to Sunder Burj. As we walked on the stone paves, it gave me the feeling as if I had moved back in time and was talking in that era.

The Sundar Burj was built in the 16th century by the Moghuls. What you see right now, in the photos is the restored version of the monument. The walls and the dome were nicely decorated.  It had four arches which housed four wooden doors and had cutouts in the wall, 6 inches deep which added to the décor of the monument.  We couldn’t go inside the monument as it was closed.
Sunder Burj
If the restoration team did such a good job on the outside. Then they would have surely done a fantastic job on the inside. 

We then headed off to Sunder Mahal. 

Delhi : Sunder Nursery

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunder Nursery, is a 70 acre land on which stand many monuments. It houses the Sundar Burj, Sundar Mahal , Lakkarwala Burj, Garden Pavillion, Arched Platform and Graves.

The Nursery is maintained by Central Public Works Department (CPWD)

The Sunder Nursery was formerly known as Azim Baug, These 16th century monuments are located very close to Humayun’s Tomb and Nizamuddin Basti.

After visiting Gol Gumbad, Sabz Burj and Barakhamba Monument we came here. 

The CPWD is doing a good job of restoring the monuments in the premises. It is also creating gardens in the premises, which adds to the feel good factor  for it.

Once the conservation and restoration work is done, the Nursery will portray a completely different picture about the place. Flashback…

Other historic sites in and around Delhi are Sunder Nursery, Humayun Tomb Complex, Mehrauli Archaeological Park and 
Qutub Complex. A must for history lovers.  

Delhi : Barakhamba Monument on Barakhamba Road in Connaught Place

Thursday, May 21, 2015

After visiting Sabz Burj, we started walking around the streets and we noticed Barakhamba Monument enclosed in a park. Rohan was skeptical on entering the park. But I had other views on it. I somehow influenced his decision to enter the park. The park was inhabited by people. They were staying in the park premises. 

These people stay here, bathed themselves and even washed clothes in its premises.

Barakhamba or Barakhamba Monument is located in the Mirza Ghalib Baug premises on the Barakhamba road in Connaught Place.

It is a 14th century tomb building from the Lodhi Period. Barakhamba means twelve pillars in both Urdu and Hindi language. Not sure who the tomb belonged too, though. 

The tomb has got 12 pillars with 3 arched openings on each side. It is made of red stone, it has got four small domes atop surrounding the big dome. 

The monument  is still in good shape. But what I could see in it, is that it was infested with people engaged in drugs, smoking.  As we walked through the park, people kept staring at us.

On Rohan’s suggestion we took an early exit from the park. 

Just spoke to Rohan and he informed me that all the people who had taken refuge in the monument premises have been driven out and the monument is being restored back to original glory. This is done by Nizamuddin Basti Urban Renewal Initiative

We then headed off to Sunder Nursery.

Delhi : Sabz Burj

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One cannot miss the blue dome of this structure even from a distance.  Sabz Burj is located at junction of Mathura Road and Lodhi Road.  It is on the way to Humayun’ s Tomb. Another monument located on Lodhi Road is Gol Gumbad
Sabz Burj

The top of the dome is made up of tiles, which are blue in color.  It is also known as Neeli Chhatri.

Sabz Burj literally means Green Dome. But there is no sign of green color on it.  On this Rohan  told me that , originally the dome was green in color.  In the restoration process the color changed to blue.  On the drum of it, I could see multi colored tiles, which have fallen off. Sadly no one thought of restoring it.  Even the walls of it, are not painted. One think worth commenting is that the structure is in good state with no graffiti on it.
Sabz Burj
Entry in it restricted. One can only see it from the outside.  

There is no information available on who built it? Is it a Tomb? If yes then whose Tomb is it?


We then headed off to see Barakhamba Monument.

Delhi : Gol Gumbad

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This tomb belongs to the Lodhi Period. 

History of Gol Gumbad
This structure is located at the intersection of Lodhi Road and Lal Bahadur Shashtri Marg. It is in the premises of Centenary Methodist Church.
Gol Gumbad
It is a square shaped structure with a dome on top of it.  Though the structure is intact. The paint has peeled off the walls of the structure. Trying to figure out if it’s the rain, that has given this effect on the walls or as always the Govt has done nothing to maintain it. Entry inside the structure  and to the terrace is locked with a lock. So you can only see it from the outside. Nothing is mentioned in regards to whose tomb it is. Which I believe should be written next to it. 
Another pic of Gol Gumbad
We then headed off to Sabz Burj.

Delhi : Cities of Delhi

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rohan is a walking and talking history book. He has thorough knowledge about the city as a whole.

The Seven Cities that make Delhi is still a matter of debate as per him. These cities played an important role in the development of Delhi as a whole.   

As per Rohan, if we count all the cities and garrisons which served as the capital of the city then we have Indraprastha, Lal Kot, Qila Rai Pithora, Siri, Tughluqabad, Jahanpanah, Ferozabad,  New Delhi, Shergarh/Dinpanah (Purana Qila), Shahjahanabad

The seven recongnized cities of Delhi are Qila Rai Pithora, Siri, Tughluqabad, Jahanapanah, Ferozabad, Shergarh/Dinpanah, Shahjahanabad and the current city of Delhi is the eight one

Rohan had planned to show me around, some of the cities as the time we had in hand was less.

I am not writing a history book here, but if you wish to know more about the formation of the Seven Cities or the Ten Cities then please contact Rohan or check out material on the internet by using the Google Search option.

Delhi : Transportation in Delhi

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There are various modes of transportation available in Delhi.

Buses: The DTC TATA AC buses and Non AC buses which travel throughout the city. The huge windows on the buses offer a good view of the city in comparison to the old rickety buses. The old buses are as old as the ST buses in Maharashtra. These buses don’t depreciate over the years and people still use them as a means of communication. Bus tickets are quite affordable. A full day ticket will cost Rs.50. Which can be used on all non AC buses, be it green or red but not on the orange buses. As the orange bus ply intercity i.e. Delhi to Gurgaon.  As per Rohan the new breed of buses was introduced lately before the Commonwealth Games.

Metro:  I have travelled in Metro in London. But in India, this was the first time. The journey via the metro is quick and fast if you plan to travel long distances. Metro is used by all the classes in the society Tickets are slightly on the expensive side but worth the ride. The metro stations are quite clean and well manned. All metro coaches are designed in the same manner, globally.  When travelling in the metro it gives you the feeling, like you are in a different country. Once you step of the metro station, you face reality. Fact of Life.

Rail Transport: Though I didn’t get the opportunity to travel by it. I am informed by Rohan that it is the most neglected mode of travel. The trains ply very slowly and hence no one prefers to travel by it. A joyride is a must on it. Maybe on my next trip to Delhi might try it out.  These trains need a makeover. I get the feeling that they have been around for the past 40 years at least.   

Cycle Rickshaw: This is the most convenient and pollution free mode of transportation for short distances in Delhi.  The transportation costs are very cheap. I took a joyride on it too for Rs.10. But they can be a pest at times, as confirmed by Rohan. 

Auto Rickshaw: These are known as Autos. The drivers are pest. The moment you exit from any station they keep circling you asking to ride with them in their autos. They don’t follow the meter and so charge a bomb. But the prices are less compared to the taxis. Most people prefer them as they take you to your destination in comparison to buses, metros and cycle rickshaw.

Taxis: An expensive mode of travelling in the city is the taxi both the black and yellow and the private taxis.  Again there are no standard rates. The drivers quote what they please depending on the distance, time taken and no of passengers travelling. These are used mostly by foreign tourists to travel across the city.  I also noticed a new breed of taxis here that work on call radio service. Though these are a bit expensive, they work on meter. 

Walking:  The final mode of transportation is walking. It lets you see the city in entirety where the other modes of transport don’t take you. So be prepared to walk. We walked alot in Paharganj to get me a place to stay for the trip. 

Delhi : Lodging in Delhi

Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally Rohan arrived and we met face to face after interacting for months on Facebook. We decided to start the journey by a bus to take us to a place to lodge for the trip.

I informed Rohan about the train journey from Mumbai to Delhi and how it fascinated me. 

We landed up Karolbagh.  I wanted a budgeted hotel that charges between Rs.500 to Rs.700 a day. Karolbagh had many hotels in its premises but the charges were above Rs.900 + taxes.  So didn’t opt for it as my place of lodging.

We headed to Paharganj, as I had read alot about it in the Lonely Planet book on Delhi.

Finally we reached Paharganj.  Paharganj means hilly neighborhood. That is why it is home to most travelers or tourist who travel to Delhi or use Delhi as a hub to travel to places around it. Paharganj has plenty of affordable hotels, lodges, dhabas and restaurents parked on either side of the narrow roads, which cater to budgeted travelers both domestic and foreigners.  

One can check in or check out anytime here. Plus the eateries are open till early morning so that no traveler goes to sleep on an empty stomach.

We moved from hotel to hotel for the best room with all amenities at the cheapest cost. Finally we spotted Hotel Payal. It had everything I wanted in Rs. 600 with no additional taxes. I decided to take it. Now in Delhi, in order to get a room for the night, one needs to submit ID proof, maybe a Drivers Licence or Aadhar Card as the PAN card won’t do.

I had none, so I immediately called home to send scanned copies of my Drivers Licence or Aadhar Card so that I could book a room for myself here.  The hotel has a internet café and also a wifi hub. So you can use wifi anywhere in the premises.

Later I learned that all hotels in its premises give free wifi to lure tourists at their place. The speed offered on wifi is very fast I should say.

The time was now 10:00 AM on my watch. I had to freshen up as I had to leave on my Delhi darshan.

Hotel Payal was around 15 minutes walking distance from Ramakrishna Mission Metro Station.  So travel around Delhi could be done with ease. 

Transportation in Delhi

Delhi : Train Journey Mumbai to Delhi

Friday, May 8, 2015

The D day was a day away. Packed by rucksack the night before, as I had to make a early start the next day.

I woke up with the sound of the alarm, buzzing in my ears the next morning.  It was 5:30 am now.  For a change I finished my daily morning routine early so left for Andheri Station, as I didn’t want to be late. I had to take two connecting trains before I reached Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. As decided, I boarded the 6:43 am Harbor Line train to Vadala Station.  The train reached Vadala Station at 7:08 AM. From Vadala Station I had to board the 7:11 AM train to Panvel to alight at Tilak Nagar Station. From Tilak Nagar Station, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus is a 15 minute walk away.

Luckily all the trains were on time. I reached Tilak Nagar Station at 7:26 AM.  The Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak – Haridwar AC Express 12171 was scheduled to depart at 7:55 AM.  So had 24 minutes in hand to reach Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, search for the boogie and sit on the seat designated to me.

Hurry, is what I said to myself. As I approached Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, I saw the train standing there. My legs moved faster than ever as I didn't want to run and board a train.  This always happens in Bollywood movies. I had 10 minutes in hand now and I had to search for the boogie where I had my seat reserved.

Finally in the nick of time I managed to get in the boogie and parked myself in the seat designated to me.

I was thrilled to see that I was sharing the cubicle with a family. Just when the train was about to depart I realized that only the grandparents were travelling and the others, around 5 of them alighted from the train.  So out of the six seats 3 were already taken.  The train departed sharp at 7:55 AM.  Next stop being Kalyan Junction, scheduled at 8:28 AM. I had a good chat with the elderly couple, who had come down from Hardiwar to visit their children here.  They told me a lot about their village and how they prefer the village life to city life.  Somehow I agree with them.  They spoke so sweetly about their village that I actually started imagining about it.

They were so sweet that they shared food articles with me too. They informed me that there is no pantry car on this train. So one needs to get food from home or buy stuff at the stations where the train halts. The food doesn't please your taste buds but then you have to eat it unless , you come well prepared for the journey.

After having a long chat for around 2 hours, I decided to let them sleep and have some sleep myself. The other two seats in our cubicle were filled at Nasik Road Station at 11:12 AM. Another elderly couple visiting Haridwar. 

I slept for 8 hours at a stretch. I was woken up by the jerk of the train. I learnt that the train was approaching Bhopal Junction.  At 20:30 PM we were at Bhopal. The train was on time so far, which is a good sign.

Stepped out of the boogie to buy myself, dinner for the night. All I got was a plate of 5 huge samosas for Rs.20. The samosas looked pale and were tasteless. The elderly couple were correct about the food. They were so sweet that they shared and forced me to have dinner with them. We had a grand party , me and  the two elderly couples.

Before I stepped in the train I didn't even know them and now we are eating, having conversations, giggling on jokes together. Train journeys are fun. They make you bond with people and I am loving it.

After a heavy dinner, and watermelon and bananas for dessert we called it a night and went off to sleep. I was not very lucky in terms of sleep as I had slept 8 hours at a stretch before dinner.

So like many nocturnal animals like bats, cockroaches I too was active in the night playing games on my phone.  Don’t know when I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning at 6 AM.  I was then informed by the elderly couple that we are now approaching Delhi. So I refreshed myself.  The train was scheduled to reach Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Station at 7:15 AM.

I kept Rohan informed about my train schedule as he was going to pick me up at the station. The train arrived 10 minutes earlier at 7:05 AM.

As we approached Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Station, I was greeted by peacocks on either side of the tracks. A name kept for people shitting on the tracks. By Neel.

It was an emotional moment for me. I had to depart from the elderly couple who were my companions for the last 22 hours. I was touched by their caring and loving nature. They even invited me to Haridwar with them. How I wish I could go. But I had planned Delhi so be it. I bid farewell to them and exited out of Delhi station.

Rohan was running a bit late so asked me to meet him at the bus station outside Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Station. We were to hunt for  a place to stay for me, in Delhi which was both economical and easily accessible. 

Delhi : The backup plan

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I had taken a week off from work to visit Rajasthan with a friend. Had planned to cover Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur in entirety.  Had got my itinerary planned, i.e. places to visit there. Now we were two weeks away from the commencement date and we had still not booked our tickets. Pranav was in two minds whether he should go or not.  Finally on my birthday, I popped up the question, Are you coming to Rajasthan? The answer has to be either a Yes or a No.  I got to know that he is not interested in doing the trip. I felt sad for the moment.

My plan was shattered, what do I do now? I don’t want to stay at home for a week’s time.  Were one of the many thoughts that were running in my head?  Finally I saw a ray of hope coming from another travel blogger from Delhi, named Rohan. Though we chatted on FB, we never met face to face. I decided to take my chances, I inquired with him, if he could show me around in his city if I made it to Delhi then. Rohan was more than pleased to hear that.

This is the first time ever that in a day’s time I decided upon my itinerary.  I shared it with him and he agreed to take me around. I planned Agra and Fatepuri Sikri also as they were nearby. He planned the trip in such a way that I get two days off to do, Agra and Fatepuri Sikri.

Thus the very next day I booked my tickets to Delhi and back.  As the departure day was just two weeks away I couldn't choose my train so had to do with whatever came my way.  

I managed to get tickets on board the Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak – Haridwar AC Express 12171 to Delhi on 4th March 2013. The train would take 24 hours to reach Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin.  Most trains headed to Delhi leave from the Western Line. This was the first train that left from the Central Line, or should I say Harbor Line.  Inquired with a friend about the train. He informed me that the train is good, but the bad thing is that it doesn't have a pantry on board.  Meaning I need to buy food at the station, where the train halts. Something is better than nothing.

Return tickets were booked on the August Kranti Rajdhani on 11th March 2013. This was the first time I was travelling in the Rajdhani. It was a matter of great pride for me.

I kept Rohan posted on my arrival and departure dates and the trains I would be travelling by as he had to plan my itinerary accordingly.

Countdown began.

Finally I got the time to blog about it. 

Pelhar Dam and Lake

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pelhar dam and lake are located in Vasai east, in Thane district on the outskirts of Mumbai City. 
Dom and Me

I was introduced to this plan by Neha,  a fellow traveller and blogger,  but sadly she couldn't join us in exploring it.

Checked the internet for more information on Pelhar Dam and Lake and finally set out to explore it. 

Finally it was Dominic and me,  who headed to Vasai.  We met at Vasai Railway station at 9 AM. Irony both of us were in the same train but in different compartments.  
Pelhar Lake
We alighted in the east had some sugarcane juice and then headed off to board a shared rickshaw to take us to Vasai Phatta. 

There is complete chaos outside the station as there are different rickshaw queue to take you to different locations in Vasai. 
Pelhar Lake
We boarded a shared rickshaw to Vasai Phatta at a cost of Rs. 20 each,  from there we boarded another rickshaw to take us to Hotel Pelhar at a cost of Rs. 10 each.  

Alighted at Hotel Pelhar and had breakfast in the form of Burji Pav,  followed by mango soft drink to cool us down.  

The hotel attended informed us that  trail leading to Pelhar Lake is from the other side of the highway.  Opposite the hotel they are constructing a subway that lead to the other side.  From there it is straight road that leads to the lake.  We did ask the locals just to make sure that we are on the right track.  
Pelhar Lake
We have to cross plenty of Tabelas i.e.  Buffalo sheds on either side of the road.  So the entire area stinks of dung. Dung is dried on the sides of the road.  muddy road leads to the base on the Dam.  So during rains,  it will become difficult to travel by this path. 

As it was a hot sunny day, the heat was killing us softly,  but the wind didn't let us break a sweat.  The journey was dusty. 

A local kid on a cycle,  informed us that there is a possibility of the guard asking us for a entry fee.  He strictly informed us not to pay him a fee as they charge outsiders for the same.  Luckily the guard didn't ask us and we headed straight the lake after climbing a series of stairs. 
Pelhar Lake
WOW.  The view was just beautiful.  Green waters all aroung surrounded by hill ranges on either side of it.  As it was summers the water had got acumulated and hence no water was running down the dam. 

We decided to walk around the water body to get a view of it from all angles.  Though the water is green in color it still had fish in it, some people were in the water trying to catch them with their fishing nets.  
Pelhar Lake
As the temperature was rising we decided to cool ourselves in the water.  I bet this is the longest time I have spent in the water while on a trek.  There were a couple of roots of dead trees in the water.  

We then sat under the shade of a huge tree,  had some light snacks and water,  we could hear the birdchirping in a distance.  The sound was soothing to our ears. Suddenly we heard a bell ringing.  It reminded me of the guy selling ice cream in the village. Where in the wilderness is this guy selling ice cream,  I said to myself.  To my surprise it wasn't the ice cream man but. Cow with a bell around its neck.  Looking for something green to eat.  We also saw a Shepard who had bought her goats to graze on the green cover around the rocks.  
Pelhar Lake
The journey around the lake was a trek in itself.  It was not a track,  which we converted into one to circle the lake. The track comprised of large and small rocks and loose soil so travelling on it was a pain, but we still managed to cross it.   

We then visited the dam area,  currently there was no water over flowing there.  But we saw pieces of broken beer bottles there,  meaning this place is frequently visited by people who come here drinking. 
Dom and Me
This place is good for camping purposes,  but tent pitching is not possible.  But cooking on stones  is possible and sleeping below the trees.  

We then took a short nap on the road within the dam premises,  no vehicles allowed here,  so it okay if you sleep on the road. 
That's Me
A nice getaway on  the outskirts of Mumbai to spend a day with nature,  we surely had a good time here.  It's good to know that too many people are not aware of it.  But soon they will be and then waste will start accumulating as it does at all tourist attractions. 

Bike Trip to Sangramgad and Samadhi Sambhaji Maharaj in Tulapur

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sangramgad aka Sangram Durga aka Chakan Fort are located at Chakan village near Pune. We traveled by the Talegaon Chakan Road, crossed the SH50 and then onto the Chakan Shikrapur Road to reach the fort. Shree Chakreshwar Mandir is built in the fort premises. 
Concrete road that divided Sangramgad in two
After visiting Indurigad and Bhandara Dongar  we headed over to Sangram Durga.  
Cannon at Sangramgad
We asked a couple of people for directions, sadly most of the times we were given wrong directions, due to which we spent almost an hour searching for the whereabouts of this fort.
Sangramgad fort walls, both new and old construction
Finally thanks to a fruit vendor, we were on the right track which leads to the fort. The fort is called Chakan Fort by the locals, though not all know about it. 
Wildnerness at Sangramgad
Shree Chakreshwar Mandir is located in the fort premises, a huge entrance is built with the name of the temple atop it, on the road. If you miss it, you will be asking for directions again. 
Entrance to Sangramgad and Shree Chakeshwar Mandir
This fort is square in shape and has a concrete road running through it. One side of the road is located the Temple and Masjid and the other is just wilderness and the broken wall of the fort.
Outlet in fort walls to shoot at the enemy
The fort walls near the Temple and Masjid have been redone. 
Walking on the newly constructed fort walls of Sangramgad
The Temple and Masjid are active and services are held there.
Fort Walls
The concrete road cuts through the fort. We walked to the other end to see the Main Darwaza or entrance of the fort. There is no Darwaza now, but once upon a time it used to be there.
Fortification of Sangramgad
After seeing the fortification of the fort, I did come to the conclusion, that there would have been water surrounding the fort and a moat was used to enter and exit the fort. Interesting na. Similar to Daulatabad Fort near Aurangabad.
Fortification of Sangramgad
We climbed up the walls of the fort and walked on them to get a better view of the surrounding and the inside of the fort. The fort is surrounded by three storey residential building. On the inside it houses the Temple and the Masjid and a small house like structure on the this side of the road and wilderness on the other.
Residential buildings around the fort
We then stood near the flag hoisted on the fort premises to snap some photos of us. 
That's Massey next to the orange flag atop Sangramgad Fort
What we also noticed on the walls is a five hole slot, meant for firing at the enemy from the fort walls. Something similar to what I had seen at Vijaydurg fort. 

There is a cannon placed on wooden wheels in the centre of the fort premises. Though the cannon  doesn't match the wheels but they both are authentic.
Fortification of Sangramgad
The time was almost 2 PM on my watch now.  We exited the fort and stopped by to refresh ourselves with some Gola. Then we headed over the Pune Nashik State Highway.
Fortification of Sangramgad Fort
We were now asking people for directions to take us to Tulapur. 
Bullet next to the cannon
We bumped into the Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi. The ghats of this place we were similar to that of Ban Ganga in Mumbai and the Ghats on Krishna River at Wai. Only difference is that the ghat was colorful, reason being the structure around it was painted yellow. Again it was flocked by devotees. We didn't enter the premises as we could see it from the road next to it. 
Ghats near Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi
We stood on the bridge and clicked snaps of the Ghat on one side of the bridge and the Dam on the other. The ghats receive it's share of water from the dam. The water which flows to the dam is covered with green plants.
Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
There is also a tall conical structure built near the bridge, as it is still in the pipeline there was scaffolding around it. 

Again saw people bathing, washing clothes in the water. 
Ghat at Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
We again asked people for instructions to Tulapur. Luckily our prayers were answered. A man guided us with directions and we followed it. Though we did ask people on the way so that we don't travel on the wrong road. 
Dam on the other side of the Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
We traveled by the Chakan Alandi Road , then the Alandi Market Road, crossed Markal and finally to reach Tulapur. 
Structure built  in Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
Had lunch in the form of Gauti Chicken Fry and Gauti Chicken Biryani and a couple of Tuborg to beat the summer heat. 
Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli Samadhi premises
Please ask people for the Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj, and they will guide you correctly. Just that there are no signboards on the way and small detour roads add to the confusion.

We then parked our bike outside the Samadhi premises and visited the Samadhi. 
Entrance to the Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj
The Sangameshwar Temple is located within the Samadhi premises. We didn't visit the temple premises, as it has packed with people and there was a preacher preaching the masses, and we didn't want to disturb them. 
Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj
We visited the Samadhi of Sambhaji Maharaj and two others in its premises. 
Sambhaji Maharaj
We then walked down to the banks of the Bhima River.  Just stared in the water and the surrounding around. The water was quiet, all that we could hear was the sound of the chirping of the birds and the preacher preaching which echoed.

Manohar that is a nice place to camp on the banks of the River. Though we did see some construction vehicles there, maybe they were building a road there.

Finally we were pleased that we were able to complete our itineary, we then headed over to Pune to Kayani bakery to buy some Shrewbury biscuits. 
But due to heavy traffic jam in Pune and the time being 8 PM on our watch, we decided to call it a night and stay at a local motel in Khadki in Pune.
River BHima
The next day we kickstarted our journey to Mumbai at 8:15 AM, took a couple of breaks at Lonavala and Panvel finally to reach Andheri at 12:20 PM. Four hour's and we are back home.
River Bhima
Manohar we can go camping here
But as this was a complete bike trip it had taken it's toll on my back and quads. They had grown numb.
Ghats near River Bhima
Peole Photography
But I still enjoyed the trip. Massey many more trips to come. 

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