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Fattegad at Harnai Beach

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

After having lunch in the form of Chinese food, we decided to head to head over to Fattegad Fort. 

Fattegad fort is located very close to Kanaka Durga Fort and Goa Fort. Again it was built to keep a tab on Suvarnadurg Fort. Not sure as to who had built this fort. 

Panoramic view of Suvarnadurg, Fattegad, Goa Fort and Harnai Beach from the stairs leading to the Light House at KanakDurg
I could not see any fortification around it, to top it it was full of houses built by the locals. No respect for history at all. Instead of preserving what remains of it, they have built houses atop it. SAD. Something similar to Mahim Fort near St Michael's Church in Mumbai, too is full of illegal Bangladeshi's who have settled there making it unsafe to visit it.

Other forts in Maharashtra, where locals have settled within its premises are Vasai Fort, Pratapgad Fort and Panhalgad Fort in Kolhapur

We then headed off to see Goa fort.


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