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Suvarnadurg near Harnai Beach in Ratnagiri district inMaharashtra

Friday, October 9, 2015

After exploring Goa Fort near the Harnai Beach and Fattegad, we headed over to the jetty at the base of the Light House at Kanak Durga, to board a ferry to Suvarnadurg Fort. 
Manohar, Neha and Me with Suvarnadurg in the background

We were at the jetty at 3:15 PM. Not a soul was there apart from some crows, who gave us company. 

We saw a couple of fishing boats in the waters. They had a tri color hoisted atop it, but it was not the flag of India.  It didn't have the Ashoka Chakra in it. 

The time was now 3:30 PM on my watch and it was just us there. How come no one has come to see the fort, is the question we all had in our minds.

I walked up to a local who was sitting by the road and cleaning his fishing net. I asked him if the ferry departs from there. To which he replied that it does depart from there, but currently due to the rains the service is closed. But there are no rains at all, it was a hot sunny day. He told me that the services will resume post Dusshera. i.e around Nov 1. He informed me that the services shut down again in the last week of May due to the rains.

Wrong timing I guess. So close but so far. I asked if he would take us along if we pay him a premium, to which he declined. I inquired if we could walk it out to the beach as it was low tide. He declined as certain portions  of the waters are deep. Unlike Kulaba Fort in Alibag which can be done by walking in low tide.

Kulaba, Undheri and Khanderi in Alibag, Murud Janjira at Rajapuri, Sindhudurg in Malvan and Arnala Fort in Virar, are some of the forts which require a ferry to visit them. 

Looks like we will have to club it with other beaches in Malvan post November. 
View of Suvarnadurg from Goa fort
We then headed off to Mumbai. Now it was around 243 KM away. We filled up petrol in our car had some refreshments and headed off. Driving on the narrow roads in the dark requires a lot of experience. A big Thanks to Manohar who drove us safely back to Mumbai. We reached our start point at 10:30 PM. 

This trip was fun and budgeted too. Total damages inclusive of all was just Rs.1800. Aha


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