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Korlai Light House and Fort near Revdanda in Maharashtra

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Korlai Light House and Fort are located on a hill near the Korlai Village. It can be accessed by the Alibag-Murud Road. It is 6 KM away from Revdanda.
Korlai Fort on the hilltop

 After exploring Revdanda Beach and Fort yesterday, we decided to visit Korlai Light House and Fort. I had been to the Light House, in the past. During the Murud Road trip with my family. But due to shortage of time, I couldn't visit the fort.

As decided we set out at 7 AM the next morning to Revdanda ST Bus stop, to board any bus plying to Murud. We were informed that we were just 5 minutes late, else we would have been on the bus to Murud. Buses ply every 30 minutes to  Murud. These buses do a pit stop at Revdanda ST bus stand before leaving for Murud. 
The rocks at Korlai Beach
We decided to ask at the Rickshaw stand for fare to Korlai. Rs.150 for a one way trip to Korlai. The distance was just 6 KM. The price is too high and not negotiable. We headed back to the Revdanda Bus stand. 

Luckily we bumped into a rickshaw driver who had come there to drop some fisher women, he informed us that he could take us to Korlai Village located on the Alibag-Murud Road at a cost of Rs.15 each. To which we readily agreed. In about 15 minutes we were at Korlai Village. Form there we had the option of either walking out the 2 KM road to the base of the fort or board a rickshaw. 
Fortification of Korlai Fort
As it was early in the morning, we decided to walk it out. We crossed by the brightly painted houses of the fisher folk, the fishing boats parked near the shores, the blue colored fishing nets at the side of the road. The fisher folk looked at us as we walked with suspicious eyes. Not sure why, and we didn't bother asking either. 

It took us a little more than an hour's time to reach the Light House. The road is not in very good condition, it is made of uneven stones, making the journey difficult. So if you are coming by car, get a car with a good suspension kit. 
Revdanda Creek from Korlai Fort
The road, offers a wonderful view of the fortification of the fort on one side and the rocks near the shore, the sand and fishing boats in the waters on the other side. It was low tide and the waters were calm.

We finally reached the Light House. The caretaker showed us around the Light House at a cost of Rs.30 each. He enriched us with the history of the Light House. To know more about the history read my Murud Road trip. 
Manohar and Me at the Maha Darwaza of Korlai Fort
He then informed us to follow the steps to reach the entrance of the fort. Narrow step lead to the top of the fort, they are thorny shrubs near them, which might hurt you, we took a lot of care while climbing    up the stairs. Though they are steps the climb is exhaustive and with the heat, it was making the climb even more difficult. Finally we reached the top. 

The fortification had a small door, it didn't look like the Maha Darwaza or Main Entrance to the fort. I believe we were at the midpoint of the fort. From here, we we take a left then we go down to the rocks near the shores, there are some dilapidated structures there. The grass was waist high and swaying in the wind. Walking in it, gave me a experience similar to the one I had at Peth Fort in Karjat and Goa Fort in Harnai. As we were wearing shorts, walking in the grass was not comfortable, as we felt as if something, in the grass was continuously biting into our skins. That irritating feeling. "We should have worn shorts", Manohar said to me. 

That's Manohar near the fortification of Korlai
The hill offers a breath taking view of the Arabian Sea, and Light House on one side, the Revdanda Beach and Fort on the other. The long bridge over the creek, which we crossed to reach Korlai. 

The Korlai Fort called Morro or Castle Curlew, was built by the Portuguese in 1521. It was built to keep a watch on the Arabian Sea and the Revdanda Creek. It was built on the island Morro de Chaul. 
One of the many emblems atop Korlai Fort
The fortification, is still intact on this fort. Though certain portions are inaccessible due to thick grass growing  all around. The fort has a Church like structure atop it along with a temple for the religious, along with a couple of bastions, cannons and a rain water harvesting tank. 

As we walked inside the fort, we realized that the fort has a Maha Darwaza or Main Entrance, but it is on the other side. Not sea facing but creek facing. It has a couple of stone steps to reach it, but beyond that it is a narrow walk in the wild. I guess, the  way up from the Light House is a better way of reaching the top. 

A couple of emblems on stone are located in the fort premises, not sure what they mean. No translator available either. 
The Church like structure atop Korlai Fort
It took us around an hours time to sea the fort, we then walked down the stairs to the light house and from there to the main road to board a shared rickshaw to Revdanda Rickshaw stand at a cost of Rs.15 each. Had come refreshments and boarded a ST bus to Alibag. At a cost of Rs.38 each. It took  us around an hour's time to reach Alibag. 

We decided to have lunch as it was around 12:15 PM on my watch. We then rushed to the ferry booking office. Two of the operators informed us that the ferry is houseful and to check with the third one being Ajanta. What Luck. They had tickets available for us.

We boarded a tum tum at 1:10 PM. I inquired with the tum tum driver, if we would get the ferry as it departs at 2 PM. He informed us that the ferry will leave only after we board it. The Tum Tum reached us at Mandwa Jetty in 40 minutes flat. The bus which dropped us at Alibag the previous morning took about an hours time to reach. Hmm. "Tum Tum was faster that the bus." I said to myself.

Finally in the ferry and on our way to Mumbai. Again the waters were calm so it was a smooth ride. This journey was fun I should say, without the car, but with good connectivity of public transport we were able to cover two forts. I would recommend you to go visit these forts. All inclusive it cost us just Rs. 1000 each for a two day trip. Now that is what I call a budgeted trip.   

P.S. The fares of rickshaw and bus are subject to change. LOL

Other sea forts visited by me, which are built on islands are Arnala Fort, Sindhudurg Fort, Kelve Fort, Murud Janjira Fort, Kulaba, Undheri and Khanderi Fort in Alibag. 


Rudolph.Andrew.Furtado said...

Will be visiting Alibaug and Janjira Fort and also hope to tour Korloi village.Your blog was informative.Thanks.

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