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Goa fort at Harnai Beach in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

After being disappointed at Fattegad Fort, we headed over to sea Goa Fort. 
Land Entrance to Goa Fort
The fort has got strong fortification all over. We entered through the main door or Maha Darwaza from the land side. There is another entrance from the sea, but it is closed to public as it is blocked by bricks. 
Panoramic view of Goa Fort from the inside
The fort is  built in such a way that a portion of the fort is on land and the other is surrounded by sea. Something similar to Vijaydurg fort near Devgad and Shirgaon Fort in Palghar. 

We immediately climbed up the walls of the fort to get a good view of the fort, both from inside and outside. Not many structures within the fort. But the fort premises was green in color with a couple of buffaloes who posed for photos the moment they saw the camera phone in my hand. 
Manohar and Me in the fort premises
While walking in the waist length green grass, I felt like Russel Crowe, walking in the fields while heading home in the movie Gladiator. Had a similar experience at Peth Fort in Karjat, where we walked in the golden hay while approaching the fort. 
Fortification of Goa Fort
Certain portions of the fort have been newly constructed and they did have white colored tiles atop it. 

Again it is not known as to who built this fort. Please don't be confused between the State of Goa and Goa Fort as they are miles apart from each other. This fort was again built to keep a tab on Suvarnadurg Fort. 
Buffaloes in the fort premises
In the middle of the fort, there is a rampart leading to a structure atop it, it is covered with waist length grass. 

This heighten structure is located somewhat in the middle of the fort and offers a wonderful 360 degree view of the fort. 
Panoramic View of Suvarnadurg and sea from Goa Fort
Broken fortification and shore that is visible only during low tide at Goa Fort
It  took  us around 30 minutes to explore this fort, we then headed to the jetty located at the foot of KanakDurg fort to board a ferry to Suvarnadurg fort. 
Bastions of Goa Fort
Bastions of Goa Fort


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