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Delhi : Tomb of Quli Khan and British Agent Sir Thomas Metcalfe's Guest House in Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tomb of Quli Khan and British Agent Sir Thomas Metcalfe's Guest House is located in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park which is near the Qutub Complex, it is located on the Sri Aurobindo Marg and the closest Metro station being Qutub Minar
Information on Tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan

Metcalfe's House or Dilkhusha as it is known as was the second house built by Sir Thomas Metcalfe in 1830. He was a civil servant and appointed by the Governor General of India in the court of the last Mughul Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.  The first one was built near Old Delhi Civil Lines in Delhi. 
Tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan
Metcalfe Guest House known as "the retreat" or "Dilkhusha" was designed like a country house in Mehrauli. Dilkhusha means "Delight of the Heart." built near the tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan. Tomb of Quli Khan was built in the 17th century. He was the brother of Adam Khan, who was the general and foster brother of Emperor Akbar. 
Interiors of Tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan
The tomb was built on a platform made of stone. it was redone of lately. A series of arched doors lead to rooms below the tomb premises. They are currently empty. The tomb was painted white in color, but due to the rains, it has turned black. The tomb is octagonal in shape with a dome atop it. There are writings atop the door to the tomb. The dome and the ceiling has beautiful designs on them made of blue colored stone. 
Chhatri near the Tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan
There is a Chhatri placed outside the tomb similar to the one near Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb.
Qutub Minar from the tomb arches
Thomas Metcalfe, considered it a location of strategic use, as he could keep a watch on Mughul Emperor Bahadur Zafar Shah, as he too had a summer palace there. Metcalfe resigned the Octagonal Tomb like a house with rooms in it, built gardens and follies around it. Making it appear like a European country house. The Guest House offered a wonderful view of the Qutub Minar in a distance. In was unable to locate the summer palace of the Emperor. 
Tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan
A couple of metres away are a series of rooms made of stone. They have arched shaped doors to enter, but no roof. I believe the roof might have collapsed. We visted each of the rooms constructed by Metcalfe. Though the walls of it erotic graffiti on them. Sure some ignorant people have been here and wanted to leave their mark on it. This happens on most of the historical monuments in the country which are not manned. It also houses a fire place which is intact. No furniture here as it was vandalized. Though it was a sunny day, we felt refreshed in its premises. No wonder it was strategically designed. 
Sir Thomas Metcalfe's Guest House

The Fire Place in Guest House premises
Metcalfe wanted to earn additional income and so he rented it out to honeymooning couples. The renovation of the tomb to a guest house was done in 1830. It was let out to public till 1853. In the revolt of 1857 it was vandalized. Thereafter it was not in use and remained neglected.


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