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Gola on the streets of Mumbai

Monday, June 30, 2014

What is Gola?

Gola is flavoured ice crystals soaked in flavoured  drink.

I used to enjoy this a lot in my school days, so did you.

It is very simple to make a Gola. 

Just crush some ice put it on a stick and then dip the stick in flavored drink, like mango, orange, lemon, kala khatta. etc.

Then suck the ice of the stick till your mouth doesnt get the color of the drink. 

It was fun then, it is fun even now. 

Crab at Harish at Irla

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally the main dish for the night arrived.

Crab. The biggest one I have seen with my naked eyes.

This dish took the most time to prepare and I knew that it was worth the wait.

The crab cooked in a orange colored gravy made of coconut.

Again it reminded me of the way my Mom prepares Crabs.

Though the gravy was a bit spicey but the taste was amazing.

Along with the crab we had ordered rice, amazing combo.

Finally after having the rice I decided to have my share of the Crab. The claw was in my plate. See photo above.

The claw was huge. I have eaten crabs in the past, by breaking it with my teeth. But this one seemed impossible.

I had to take the services of the plier to break it to have it. The claw was meaty and I loved it.

Worth the wait I should say. Cost wise  Rs. 550.

Rawas Fry at Harish at Irla

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Next on our list was Rawas Fry.

The waiter introduced it as baby Rawas. If you go by the size of it, it didnt look like a baby.

The Rawas was soft and tender on the inside and the masala it was marinated in was superb. The Rawas had a burnt taste on the outside. But it was worth it. The taste, ab mein kya bolo, finger licking good.


Though the masala tasted very similar to the one that the Surmai Tawa Fry was marinated in.

Anywhich ways it was good and chunky.

Damages for Baby Rawas is Rs.550.

Prawns In Garlic Sauce at Harish at Irla

Monday, June 9, 2014

We then started sampling on Prawns in Garlic Paste.

These are not tiger prawns but the normal sized prawns aka king prawns and were nicely cooked in garlic paste. The chillies added to it gave it a fiery taste. I am no a big fan of chillies so didnt have the same. 


The prawns were fresh and nicely cooked. They were soft as soft should be. I ended up having the gravy which they served it it also.


Again each one of us received two pieces in our bounty. Costing Rs. 425.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ali took me to this guy selling Kichda near Minara Masjid.

Though his stall was small in size, the Kichda was big on taste.

Kichda is a combination of lentils and meat. I guess it has all the possible dals combined together and meat in it. For garnishing it had burnt fried onion on top with pudina.

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Though the bowl of Kichda was small, it was very heavy on my stomach, but the dish was mouth watering.

I was informed that there is beef in it. I started eating eat, no sign of the beef, so I again inquired, to this the guy told me that the bef pieces are at the bottom of the Kichda.

To my surprise there were two chunky pieces of beef there. 

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Trust me, it was so heavy that I couldnt even finish my bowl, so I immediately had the beef and took off. All for just a small price of Rs.20.

I am loving it.

Surmai Tawa Fry at Harish at Irla

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I have heard rave reviews of Harish. A place which serves sea food. 

Finally on the recommendation of Pranav and Terrence, I decided to  pay it a visit.

Ali, Alexander and Michael joined me on my sea food quest.

We ordered Surmai Tawa Fry.

In a matter of minutes the fish arrived. 

The fish was nicely cooked and soft. The masala it was marinated in tastes very similar to the way my Mom prepares it for Bangda. Only the fish differed. In no time it was in our stomach.

Four pieces for four friends at a price of Rs.460. I know it is expensive but worth the taste.

Rose MIlk

Friday, June 6, 2014

After having the Kebabs we headed to the lane near Minara Masjid to have some Kichda and Kebabs. We located this guy with a huge chatty selling Rose MIlk. Rose MIlk in pinkish in color with huge pieces of ice floating in it to keep it cool. 

We immediately ordered ourselves three glasses of milk.

It was chilled strawberry flavoured milk, as the weather was hot, the milk went in smoothly.

I enjoyed every bit of it till the last sip.

Kebabs on the streets of Mumbai

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

After being cooled by the Apple and Watermelon Sharbat we headed furthur to have some kebabs.

The aroma of the kebabs made us make a pitstop at his place. A guy standing at the edge of the road with a table, which had a huge tawa (pan) with kebabs on it and another chatty with chopped onion, pudina and lemon.


We ordered ourselves a plate of kebabs. The kebabs come in two variety, the normal ones, not sure what they are called and the Shammi Kabab. 

Both the kebabs were deeply fried in oil. The normal ones were dark brown and were nice and crisp while the shammi kebab was mushy and soaked in oil. Taste wise both were awesome. The chopped and sliced onion mixed with pudina with a dash of lemon was good to eat too.  We enjoyed our oily kebabs and then headed off to have some refreshing colddrink to gulp down the oils.

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