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Crab at Harish at Irla

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally the main dish for the night arrived.

Crab. The biggest one I have seen with my naked eyes.

This dish took the most time to prepare and I knew that it was worth the wait.

The crab cooked in a orange colored gravy made of coconut.

Again it reminded me of the way my Mom prepares Crabs.

Though the gravy was a bit spicey but the taste was amazing.

Along with the crab we had ordered rice, amazing combo.

Finally after having the rice I decided to have my share of the Crab. The claw was in my plate. See photo above.

The claw was huge. I have eaten crabs in the past, by breaking it with my teeth. But this one seemed impossible.

I had to take the services of the plier to break it to have it. The claw was meaty and I loved it.

Worth the wait I should say. Cost wise  Rs. 550.


VivekSingh said...

Looks mouthwatering..

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