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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ali took me to this guy selling Kichda near Minara Masjid.

Though his stall was small in size, the Kichda was big on taste.

Kichda is a combination of lentils and meat. I guess it has all the possible dals combined together and meat in it. For garnishing it had burnt fried onion on top with pudina.

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Though the bowl of Kichda was small, it was very heavy on my stomach, but the dish was mouth watering.

I was informed that there is beef in it. I started eating eat, no sign of the beef, so I again inquired, to this the guy told me that the bef pieces are at the bottom of the Kichda.

To my surprise there were two chunky pieces of beef there. 

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Trust me, it was so heavy that I couldnt even finish my bowl, so I immediately had the beef and took off. All for just a small price of Rs.20.

I am loving it.


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