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LIfeforms Photography at Tungareshwar at Vasai

Thursday, September 18, 2014

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Tungareshwar, this is the first time I tried my hand at lifeforms photography. I loved the output I got from my camera. All photos are clicked by Panasonic Lumix TZ11. Clicked photos of Worms, Crabs, Butterflies, Moths, Chameleon, Grasshopper, Cricket, Dragon Fly and a Dead Frog.

The dead frog, which Johnson fooled us, stating that it is alive :)

Tungareshwar in Vasai

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We have been planning to visit Tungareshwar for quite some time now but none of our plans were working out. 
Ketaki outside Vasai Railway Station

Last minute plans work well with me. So on Thursday we decided to visit Tungareshwar on Saturday. Johnson, Michael, Vivian and Dominic decided to accompany me. Dates? I believe we visited Tungareshwar two weeks ago.
Misal Pav
As decided I met Michael and Johnson at Andheri Station at 6:45 AM. We boarded the 7:03 AM Virar Fast train to alight at Vasai Rd Station at 7:42 AM. For a change the train was empty and we managed to get ourselves a place to sit in the train. In Rush Hour it is madness travelling in trains. 
Tungareshwar hill range

Vivian couldn't make it. Dominic met us at Vasai Rd. Station at 7:50 AM. On time. Managing time is very important while travelling. 

We decided to break for breakfast at Hotel Ketaki as advised by Dominic. This hotel is located outside the station in the east and serves amazing Misal Pav. After having our stomach's full and then gulping down some hot tea we sat in Dominic's car zoomed off to Tungareshwar.
Gren Tungareshwar base
Tungareshwar is located on the Mumbai Ahmedabad Expressway. It is the highest point in Vasai. Tungareshwar is located around 2177 feet above sea level. Atop the hill is the temple dedicated to   Shiva.
One of the water crossings
It took us around 25 minutes to reach the base of Tungareshwar. As per Dominic this place is jam packed on Sunday. We were lucky that we decided to go on a Saturday. Three's Co. As Dominic couldn't make it to the top. As he had other priorities. A big thank you to him to make time to drop us to the base of Tungareshwar. 

Tungareshwar can also be reached by boarding a rickshaw from Vasai and Virar.  Cost approx Rs. 150 from Vasai, Not sure about the fare from Virar. Had Vivian come we would have known. Tungareshwar can also be reached by private mode of transport. 
Stoney Road to Tungareshwar
We picked up some bananas for a healthy snack and water to keep us hydrated till the top. 

Johnson was trekking up the hills for the first time so we kept a slow pace. a broad stoney road leads all the way till the top. Wth lush forest on either side of it. The uneven road is filled with stones of all shapes and sizes. Rickshaws ply till the top. Not sure how they manage to do it. People in it sure have a bumpy ride.  
Angry Birds Bike
On our way we had to cross a knee length nala (dirty water stream) and two more clear water bodies. It was fun crossing the ice cold water bodies. Leg Freeze.  the water bodies uphill we so clear that we could see the rocks below it. 
Merwyn, Micheal and Johnson - Group Selfie
As the trek starts, parallel to the stoney road runs the water body. The water comes down from the hills. So there are many waterfalls and mini waterfalls on the way. 

The weather was pleasant. Not rainy nor sunny. Thank God for the amazing weather. 
Road to Tungareshwar

On our way we noticed this bike, I guess the owner is a big fan of angry birds. The bike had angry birds stickers all over it. 

It took us 1 1/2 hours to reach the temple on top. The stoney road offers a amazing view of the surrounding hill ranges. As it had rained the hills were covered with thick forest. Michael expressed his wish to climb them. To this I replied, "Ya right"

Finally we reached the top. All were exhausted as our water supply had depleted and we had consumed the bananas also. 

Outside the temple premises are vendors selling Gola, Corn, Cold Drinks and light snacks. 
Stoney Road

We breaked here to refresh ourselves with some cucumber and Lemon Water and  Gola.  

We rested for a couple of minutes here and then decided to head back to start point. On our way we decided to take time out to do Insect Photography. Something I have never done in my travel expeditions. 
We stopped at one of the mini waterfalls on the way to cool our feet in the flowing waters and to take some DP pics for Facebook and Whatsapp. There were tiny fish in it who gave us a Fish Massage. Fish Massage is free said Johnson. Else we will have to shell out 100 bucks or more just for one in the mall. 

After resting here for a while we decided to move downhill.  
Shiva Temple in Tungareshwar
Also I managed to take good selfies of us and myself on this trip. I could have tried this earlier. I never occurred to me.  

Michael, Johnson and I stopped by each and every insect we could lay our eyes on to take photos. Johnson managed in fooling us and we ended up taking pics of a dead frog. I was like how come the frog is not moving when we are so close to it. I was a feet away from it. Later I realised that it was dead.
Another view of Shiva Temple in Tungareshwar
Captured a couple of good pics of chameleons,  butterflies, moths crabs, grasshoppers, dragonflies and crickets. Maybe I should apply to Nat Geo for a photographer post. LOL. Please refer to the next post for photos on the same. 
Another Warter Crossing
Finally in an hours time we were at the base. Now we could see the crowd moving in.
Group Selfie
It was a nice and easy trek though the trip took it's tool on Johnson. But he will get over it soon and join me on another trip.
People packed Rickshaw crossing a waterfall 
From the base we boarded a rickshaw at a price of Rs.70 per head to Vasai Rd Station. In a matter of 30 minutes we were at Vasai.

Had Lassi and then headed home. 
Clear Waters
Damages were just Rs. 130 per head. Cheap and Economical Trip in the wild, I should say. 

To view Lifeforms Photography at Tungareshwar at Vasai

To read about my adventures at Chinchoti Waterfall at Vasai.  

Other waterfalls in have been too around Mumbai are Zenith , Kalote and Jawahar-Dhabosa

Goa - Pork Chlly Fry at Hotel Venice next to Hotel Marina in Madgaon City

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pork Chilly Fry, comprising of chunky pieces Pork meat and fat, fried along with potatoes and carrots.

Though the dish is not spicey, but high on taste.

Again for just Rs.130

Goa - Beef steak in curry with Egg at Longuinhos in Margao City

Monday, September 8, 2014

Had this amazing combo comprising of chunky pieces of beef steak in spicey curry topped with half fried egg, roasted tomato along with French fries and salad.

Enjoyed all except the salad.

Kulfi Falooda at Lucky Restaurant at Bandra

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Had this amazing Kulfi Falooda at Lucky Restaurant in Bandra.

Made up of just three main ingredients, sliced Kulfi,  strawberry syrup and vermicelli. 

Fried Bombay Ducks - The Experimental Cook

Friday, September 5, 2014

Purchased Bombay Ducks (bombil) from the fish market.
Dip in Semolina (rawa) and then shallow fry in oil in a pan.
Serve with salad and lemon for squeeze 

Goa - Beef Fried Rice at Goalords near Margao Residency in Madgaon City

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I have had different types of Fried Rice ranging from chicken, mutton and even prawns, but this haad  Beef. Beef being one of my favorites had to try it. 

Have to say, beef also tastes nice in fried rice.

The food was simply awesome, the quantity for fit for three people at a price of Rs.130. As I was the only person having it, though I was stuffed, I was still enjoying my beef fried rice. 

Maybe I should ask my Mom to try it.

Goa - Fishing in Mandovi River

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I noticed these three fishing boats in the waters of Mandovi River. 

These guys spend a entire day in the waters waiting for a good catch. Patience is virtue. These guys prove it. 

I hope they get a good catch at the end of the day. As fishing is the only source of income for them.

I have never done fishing, hope to do it someday, I know it requires a lot of patience. Someday I will. 

Goa - Bread of Goa

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I remember as a kid, when we used to go to Goa for our summer hoidays, the "Podher", english translation is Baker used to come house to house at 6:30 AM to sell bread.

I saw a Podher selling bread near Madgaon Garden. I couldn't stop myself from taking pics of the bread.

The photo of bread above is called the Kankon, which means bangel as they are shaped that way.

This bread is to be had fresh when prepared as the shelf life of this bread is just 9 to 10 hours. Post that it becomes hard as stone fit for the pigs.

I remember serving the pigs, bread , when I was a kid.


Goa - Pathod Bhaji at Madgaum Cafe at Madgaon.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Breakfast at Madgaum Cafe at Madgaon.

I have had Pathod Bhaji all across Goa in the past, but there is no uniformity in the texture and taste of the dish across Goa. Btw Pathod Bhaji means liquid vegetable.

It was rajma served with two loaves of bread.

The rajma was hot and nicely cooked in garam masala. It was not that spicey though but good in taste.

Finger licking good, I should say.

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