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Delhi : Gandhak ki Baoli in Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gandhak ki Baoli is located in Mehrauli Archaeological Park, which is located near Qutub Complex on the Sri Aurobindo Marg, the closest Metro station being Qutub Minar

Gandhak ki Baoli can be reached by walking on the muddy path within the Mehrauli Archaeological Park premises. 

There are two Baoli or step well's in the Park premises. This step cut well was called Gandhak ki Baoli, because the water in it smelled of Sulphur. 

Gandhak ki Baoli

The rains in India, has always been uncertain and hence the need to conserve water, has always been the priority on the list of most of the people in  the country. Hence we have plenty of wells throughout the county apart from the lake and rivers for water supply. 

Gandhak ki Baoli was constructed by Emperor Iltutmish. 

It is a rock cut step well, it is four to five levels deep in the ground. The area around it was grilled and the entry point sealed with lock, we couldn't enter Baoli premises. The well was filled with water but not suitable for drinking purposes. In comparison to Rajon ki Baoli the construction of this stepwell is very simple.  

There is a step cut well in Tughlakabad fort premises.


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