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Jaora, Dargah in the City of Jaora

Thursday, July 10, 2014

We took the services of a Tum Tum driven by Shah Rukh to explore the city. We came across this structure made of red stone with fortification around it.

One look at the structure and it gives, a eerry feeling.

It was old and unmaintained and so had creepers growing all around it. It had a huge wooden door which was locked. A small chor darwaza lets one inside it. The windows of it were beautifully carved. The architecture reminded me of the forts in Rajasthan.

There is a dargah in its premises.

We sat in its premises for a couple of minutes. I felt nice sitting here. The sound of the birds chirping, the sound of the leaves swaying in the wind was music to my ears. A few squirrel in the premises kept moving freely though we humans were next to it. They had no fear at all.

Shahrukh didn’t let me go to the top storey stating that the Jinns exist there. So I stayed put.

To which Mohsin corrected him that there are no Jinns, but as there is a heavy growth of trees there are snakes. Now I don’t know which of them is true, but I still stayed put.


Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

Jinn or Naginn. It is better to stay put. You did the right thing.


Infact never experienced a paranormal activity.
Had I seen one, it would have surely come true

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