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Jaora, Shrines of Hussain Tekri

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hussain Tekri is home to 6 shrines. From the entrance, the first one being Hazrat Fatima Al Zehra (daughter of our Prophet Mohammed), Imam Al-Hussain (son of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Zaynab (daughter of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Al-Abbas (son of Hazrat Ali), Hazrat Sakina (daughter of Imam Hussain) and Imam Al-Ali (son of Abu Talib and cousin, son-in-law of our Prophet Mohammed).

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Hazrat Imam Al Hussain

Hazrat Abul Fazl Abbas E Alamdaar

Hazrat Shehzadi Sakina

Hazrat Shehzadi Sakina

Hazrat Shehzadi Zainab

Hazrat Fatima Zehra 
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Unknown said...

It is really great journey. Thanks for your helpful info about thousand miles journey.
Stand with Dignity: Hussain (Husayn, Husain, Hussein) | The Myth of An Embellished Karbala

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