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Jaora, Deities vs. Demons

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I saw a couple of people with chains on their hands and feet accompanied by family members. The chains are put to ensure that they don't do any sort of harm or damage to themselves and to the people around.

These people are normal throughout the day, it’s only when they have to give Hajri then they tend to get a bit violent. Hajri is given twice a day, once in the morning and the second time in the afternoon. Violent is because the demons in them make them do strange things.

There is no human for e.g. a tantrik or priest involved. The Deities have a direct conversation with the possessed. As per Mohsin this has always been the case. The people travel from one shrine to another on foot. Once they are gathered at the first shrine, Incence is showered on the people so that they can be cured of their mental sickness. This process is followed at all shrines.

Mohsin also told me, that the process of healing doesn't happen overnight. Some take months to heal, other years. These people are given accommodation in one of the lodges in Hussain Tekri. The accommodation and food cost is subsidized. These people can't leave the premises until they are cured. If they wish to go then they have to take permission from the managing committee. Though these people roam freely in its premises they cannot stray outside. The power of the Shrines is so strong that these people cannot leave until they are cured.

Satish told me that in the villages people do black magic for ridiculous reasons. E.g. new house, new vegetable cart etc... Due to which these poor people have to suffer, sometimes for the rest of their lives. I don’t understand what sadistic pleasure they get by doing these things. This is reality.   

I saw a man there who was possessed by the spirit of a Eunuch. A woman who was possessed by the spirit of an acrobat. The lady was wearing a burka and doing acrobats. But these activities happen only when they have to pay the Hajri. As that is the time they come in direct contact with the Deities.  Otherwise they are normal just like you and me.

Apart from the shrines Hussain Tekri also houses lodges and hotels who are frequently visited by people.  

Most of the people who visit this place are poor villagers, who suffer due to black magic. They themselves are not aware as to why black magic is done but they have to live with it till they are cured of it.

Mohsin is a very spiritual person and so he decided to pay all the shrines a visit. One by one we visited all of them. The shrines are not open throughout the day. They are kept open only when it is time for the Hajri. A huge crowd gathers in that time and after that it soon disappears. Just wondering where they are coming from and where they go.

I had a good time enjoying the food here. Beef all the way. I started with breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening snacks and then dinner. Food is so cheap here. I wish it was the same in Mumbai. If wishes were horses, men would ride.

We then headed off outside Jaora to see the shrines there. The next two shrines I am going to talk about is the best part of the trip. That actually made my day.


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