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Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba at Vangani near Karjat

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vangani Waterfall is located at Vangani near Karjat. The closest rail station is Vangani on the central line on the way to Karjat apart from the road. It is off the Neral Badlapur Road. 
vada usal pav at Karjat

 After visiting Kalote Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba we had a quick lunch in the form of vada usal pav at Karjat. Now we had to kill time till 3:19 PM as the train to CST was to leave at that time. Like I said the train ply every hour to CST. The platform was crowded, luckily we managed to get a place to stand in the train. 
Greenery all around on the way to Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba
The crowd increased at very station, finally we alighted at Vangani, asked the station master for directions to the waterfall as we didn't want to waste any time. The time was now 3:55 PM on my watch. We stepped out on the eastern side and instead of taking the rickshaw decided to walk till the waterfall. Sharing auto rickshaw will cost you Rs.20 per seat and private will cost Rs. 40 per seat.

It had rained here, so the weather was gloomy, the sun had hid behind the clouds and refused to come out. Cool breeze was blowing and the trees were swaying in the wind. Greenery all around us. the trees , fields and hills in a distance were covered in different shades of green. I could see houses in a distance. I  would like to stay, in those houses, without a mobile phone and be cutoff from the rest of the world. 
Greenery all around on the way to Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba
The condition of the road was better than the one at Kalote Waterfall, but it was a rollercoaster ride to the waterfall. Finally after wallking for around an hours time we were at at Waterfall. Now there are a couple of waterfalls on the hill range. Out of which only one is accessable for the public. All the waterfalls can be seen from the road as we near them.

There is a cost of Rs.10 per head to visit the waterfall and you are given a receipt for the same.  Cheap way of making money by the locals. As we were entering the waterfall premises, crowd of people were exiting the same. So i knew we had the waterfall to ourselves. As per Dom the best time to visit the waterfall is in the evening, when there is less or no crowd at all. He was correct here.
Greenery all around on the way to Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba
We had to walk through ankle length water then climb down the hill to access the waterfall. The ankle lenght water which we crosssed then becomes the waterfall. It was small in comparison to Kalote. Again the villagers have put stones around it making it like a swimming pool with water gushing from the middle. Now the water was really cold, and i was finding it  difficult to get into it. Dom was all over the waterfall. After having light snacks and beverages I ventured in the waterfall. 

I didn't stand below the waterfall as the force of the water felt like someone was throwing stones on us.  The water was chest deep with uneven rocks at the base. 
Greenery all around on the way to Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba
Now it was almost 5:30 PM on my watch, the ticket vendors blew the whistle,  to inform that it will be dark soon and that we have to leave for the day. There is just one shop here that sells corn. No food and water is available, except the water running down the hills. 
Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba
We refreshed ourselves, got down and boarded a rickshaw at a cost of Rs.80 (for two) and headed to Vangani Station. We boarded the packed 6:52 PM CST local. Though the trip was tiring was we covered most of the places by foot and public transport, the waterfalls eased away the tiredness and stress, cooling our bodies.
That's me at Vangani Waterfall aka Dhabdhaba
Other waterfalls visited by me are Chinchoti , Jawahar  and Zenith

Soon I would be exploring Yeoor Waterfall and Vihigaon Waterfall, if you are interested in joining just ping me. Cheers. 


Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

That pic looks like the water is falling directly on your head and you are smiling through it all.


Cynthia : Hahaha, the force of the water is very storng, seems like someone is throwing stones at ya

Buy Contact Lenses Online said...

Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

Unknown said...

Plz tell me there have any facilities hotels or change rooms or lunch facilities

atmevaha said...

great trip indeed. Im planning to go there next week.

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