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Palasdhari Waterfall at Palasdari near Karjat

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Palasdhari aka Palasdari Waterfall can be reached both by road and rail. To reach Palasdhari by rail, one has to alight at Palasdhari railway station and walk it out to the waterfall and dam, not sure how much time it will take. The other way is to travel by road i.e Karjat Khopoli Marg.
Karjat Khopoli Marg
 After visiting Umroli Bhivpuri Waterfall, we decided to head over to Kalote Waterfall. But due to no signboards, unreliable GPS and deserted roads, we kept moving. The road stretch was amazing with a few potholes on the way. Something similar to what I had seen while travelling to Cabo de Rama Fort in Goa without the potholes. The greenery around us as soothing to my eyes.

When asked a couple of locals, there were not sure as to the whereabouts of Kalote. We then decided to ask them about Palasdari, they provided us with directions and we followed the same.
Trail to Palasdhari Waterfall next to the flowing water
To some extent the Karjat Khopoli Road runs parallel to the railway line. After crossing Kelavli Railway station, we noticed the railway line going up hill. There were two  sets of tracks now. Not sure where they were going.  We could see the railway tracks high up in the hills. We were lucky enough to see three engines climbing uphill, soon they disappeared in the tunnel.

Finally we reached the spot. No signboards here. A couple of cars were parked here, in the middle of nowhere. Some children were selling farm produce too. On one side of the road is located the Palasdhari Lake and Dam and on the other the trail leading to the waterfall.
Palasdhari Waterfall
Again we asked the children for directions and we walked on a stony cum muddy track parallel to the flowing water to reach Palasdhari Waterfall.

There is a guard posted here, who will charge you a fee of Rs.20 each to see the waterfall. The prices have gone up by 10 bucks here. Hopefully the waterfall should be better and bigger than Bhivpuri, is what I thought. But the guard here did issue us a receipt for the same. 

We then walked alongside the flowing water, climbed uphill, saw a mini dam there, where some guys were having a good time, is this all? I said to myself.
Palasdhari Waterfall
We saw a family getting down, Ray of Hope. We followed the trail and finally we were at the waterfall. This waterfall is definitely much smaller than the one at Bhivpuri. It can't be seen from a distance. Like a secret waterfall. 

A couple of drunkards were at the waterfall. So we decided not to get too close to the waterfall. Comparatively the crowd was much lesser than Bhivpuri. Had we come on a weekday, we would have had the waterfall to ourselves.
Neha, Urvashi, Manohar and Me at Palasdhari Waterfall
Again for snacks corn is available here. no beverages. If you thirsty you can have the flowing water from the hills. Filtered in the hills. LOL

So do carry food and water while visiting this place. 
Panoramic view of Palasdhari Lake from Karjat Khopoli Marg
As it was around 4:30 PM, we had now to make a choice if we should visit Zenith Waterfall in Khopoli or head back home. 

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Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

Beautiful pictures, Merwyn.


Thanks Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Sir,can you post videos of your travels in your post as the thrill of reading will be complete by watching it.please do it.thanks.

Buy Contact Lenses Online said...

Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

Anonymous said...

Is their any arrangement to stay for a night?

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