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Vajreshwari Hot Water Spring and Akloli Hot Water Springs in Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane district of Maharashtra (India)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vajreshwari Hot Water Spring and Akloli Hot Water Springs are located in Bhiwandi Taluka, in Thane district of Maharashtra. The closest railway station being Vasai and Virar. ST buses ply to Vajreshwari ST bus stand. It can also be reached via a private vehicle apart from rickshaw.
Sri Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir Akloli Ram Kund aka Akloli Hot Water Springs

I had visited Vajreshwari in the past with Milind for company. This my second visit to this place. I should say a lot has changed since my last visit, Read on to know more.

Manohar and Neha joined me on this trip to Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs aka Akloli Hot Water Springs. We had the hot water springs at Ganeshpuri, Nimboli, Banganga and finally Varai Sativali on our itinerary too.
Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs

I stopped at one of the hotels opposite, the Vajreshwari ST bus stand for breakfast. We had  vada, kanda bhaji and omlette for breakfast and gulped it all down with a cola drink. I was under the impression that Vajreshwari and Akloli are two different hot water springs. The hotel owner, informed me that they are the same.

 There are two hot water springs pool in front of the Sri Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir Akloli Ram Kund. Both the pools were full of people, so much so that I could see more people and less of the pool water. There were people waiting outside the pool to get into the water. I was informed by one of the locals, that it is feast time, hence the crowd has increased there.
Vajreshwari ST bus stand

There are separate changing rooms for both men and women near it. Hoping, though the pool is shared by both men and women, the changing room is not.

We then walked a little bit and reached Vajreshwari hot water springs. There were around 4 to 5 pools here, again they were packed with people. Some were having bath with soap too. The Tansa river flows near the spring pool. there are hot water springs in  the river bed too, along with people even auto rickshaw's were bathing in it. Maybe the rickshaw wanted to cleanse themselves of the skin deceases they had. LOL.
Entrance to Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs

Due to too many people here, the place is become very un hygienic. I guess it is due to the feast (jatra), Once the jatra is over, the people should also reduce. There are a lot of hotels for overnight stay purposes. In case you plan to do a overnight trip here. Not to mention a liquor bar too for all the liquor lovers.

We  then asked for directions and headed over to Nimboli Hot Water Springs.


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