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Nimboli Hot Water Spring near Vajreshwari Hot Water Spring in Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane district of Maharashtra

Monday, September 26, 2016

Nimboli Hot Water Spring is located a couple of KM away from Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs  and also the Nimboli village in Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane district of Maharashtra.

Nimboli Hot Water Springs

After visiting the Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs, we headed over to see the Nimboli Hot Water Springs, now point to remember here, is that there are no signboards, plus this place is not tagged on google maps, so one has to rely on the locals on the road, which are hard to find. LOL. The locals give correct directions. There are no ST buses plying on this route, so either you travel by your own mode of transport or hire a rickshaw, not sure of the rickshaw rates, but I am sure he will charge a bomb.
Nimboli Hot Water Springs

After traveling on the narrow, winding roads in the fields and villages we finally reached the Nimboli Hot Water Springs, there is no signboard here. The roads are in good condition. So how did I know the spring is here. There we devotees who had come to take a dip in the water. All thanks to the feast (jatra) we were able to locate the spring.

Om Shivanusaya Mandir, Nimboli is located very near to the springs. You can take it as a landmark. There are three pools here, One for all, One enclosed only for women and the third for men. The water was boiling hot here. I dipped my feet in the water, while some of the devotees bathed themselves, after drawing water from the spring in jugs.
Om Shivanusaya Mandir near Nimboli Hot Water Spring

We then crossed the road, and walked down the rocks to reach the water body there, I asked one of the elderly gentlemen who had bathed there, he informed me that the water was hot, nevertheless, I should bathe in it as it will cleanse me of any skin ailments. There was just the two of us here. I guess this place is not as famous as the Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs. There are no hotels here. 
Hot water body near Nimboli Hot Water Springs

We then asked the locals again as they were the only source of direction and headed over to see the Ganeshpuri Hot Water springs. 


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