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Ganeshpuri Hot Water Springs near Nimboli Hot Water Springs, Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane district in Maharashtra

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ganeshpuri Hot Water Springs are located a couple of KM away from Nimboli Village near the Nimboli Hot Water Springs, Bhiwandi Taluka, Thane district in Maharashtra.

Ganeshpuri Hot Water Springs

After visiting the Nimboli Hot Water Springs, we sat in the car, asked the locals for directions and started driving. The road develops a T shape here, take left for Ganeshpuri Hot Water Springs and right for Banganga Cold Water Springs. Nimboli village is on he way to Ganeshpuri Hot Water Springs.

After crossing the bridge, we reached Ganeshpuri. There are so many peoples here. The list of temples goes on and on. We parked the car at the car park at a cost of Rs.10 and then headed to the Pujya Baba Holy Hot Water Springs. Again there is no pool here, but the water flows continuously. The flow of the water was not as strong as the one at Unhale Hot Water Springs in Rajapur on NH66.

There are changing rooms available for both men and women near the spring premises. Photography (film and video) is banned, but that didn't stop me from clicking  photos, there is no moral policing here.
Pujya Baba Holy Hot Water Springs

We then inquired with the locals again for directions to Banganga, located near Nandi and Gaygotha villages. The locals informed us that it is not a hot water spring but a cold one. Irrespective we still wanted to visit it. 


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