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Chinchoti Waterfall in Vasai, near Tungareshwar in Thane district of Maharashtra

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chinchoti Waterfall is located in Vasai East on the Chinchoti Hill Range. The closest hill range being the Tungareshwar. I had a great time shooting lifeforms in Tungareshwar. Chinchoti Waterfall can reached both from Vasai and Naigaon Railway station on the Western line.

I had been to Chinchoti a couple of years ago, we lost the jungle trail and hence could not reach the waterfall so  we had to settle down in the moving waters and then head back home. I didn't want history to repeat itself once again.

Fathima who had joined me to my trips to Diu and Junagadh, joined me. Two's co. 

Fathima and Me

We metup at Naigaon Railway Station at 8:15 AM. Headed to the sharing rickshaw stand outside the station in the east. It cost us Rs. 20 each for a ride. Four people sit in the backseat and two next to the driver. No wonder it is so cheap. Congested ride, I should say. LOL.

The ride was a bumpy one till the highway. Finally in around 25 minutes we reached the Chinchoti Rickshaw Stand. Alighted there and asked for directions. The locals told us the follow the tar road till it meets the muddy path. We did just the same. Here comes the Rain. I was hoping the rain continues as it would be much cooler while we were climbing uphill. 

Chinchoti Waterfall

We walked on the narrow tar road, checking with locals at various intervals, just that we were on the right path. Finally we reached the muddy path. It took  us around 25 minutes to reach here.
We were surrounded by dogs on all sides, who wanted us to feed them biscuits. As they were fed biscuits by the people who come to visit the waterfalls. They refused to let us to, till they were fed biscuits. We fed them biscuits. Post that they accompanied us. 

We asked the locals for directions, as there were no signboards in the jungle. They asked us to follow the broad path as it would take us to the waterfall. No right and no left turn. We did just the same.
In the trail, we had to cross ankle length and calf length water at various intervals. It is advisable not to wear shoes, as they are bound to soak in the water. It is good to wear sandals / floaters, but again there is a high possibility that the strap might break. We saw shoe sole, sandal straps, wafer wrappers along the way. So we knew that we were not lost. We also saw arrow marks on the stones though not at regular intervals, it was a sign to follow the path to reach the waterfall. 

After a walk in the jungle for almost a hour we were finally at the waterfall. We couldn't take much photos as it was raining throughout the journey.
Chinchoti Waterfall
Apart from us, there were just three others there. The waterfall was amazing, different from the ones I have been so far.

The water was ice cold, so we decided not to get wet in it, but we were soaked in water due to the spray that comes along with the waterfall.  It was getting colder by the minute. The sound of the water was all that I could hear. The water falling from the hills, looked like God was pouring milk down the hills. 

We sat there and enjoyed the view of the hills and the greenery around. Had refreshments and then decided to  head back.The time was now 12 PM. We had to cross the waist length water to reach the trail. Due to the strong flow of the water, Fathima fell a couple of times in the water. I too was drenched in the ice cold water. Finally we reached the trail again. 

By this time there were many who had come to see the waterfall. Thank God since we came early, we could enjoy the waterfall without any disturbance. 
Chinchoti Waterfall
We then started our return journey back to the Chinchoti sharing rickshaw stand. It took us around 2 hours to reach the stand. 

Instead of heading back to Naigaon station, we decided to go to Vasai station. The sharing fare is Rs.30 a seat. Maximum 5 passengers. Finally we reached Vasai station and from there headed back home.

Finally I managed to explore Chinchoti, which I was not able to do earlier. I had loads of fun too. Looking forward to more waterfalls. 

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