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Delhi : Khan-I-Khanan Tomb near Humayun Tomb Complex

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Khan-I-Khanan Tomb is located very close to Humayun Tomb Complex. It is located on the Rahim Khan Marg which is off the Mathura Road. 
Khan-I-Khanan Tomb

It was built Abdur Rahim Khan-I-Khanan (1556 to 1627 AD). He served both Akbar and Jehangir in his lifetime. He constructed the tomb on his wife's death in 1598. He was later buried there in 1627 AD. For history of the tomb, please refer to the photos. 
Another photo of Khan-I-Khanan Tomb
The tomb has a garden around it, it was made of red sandstone, I found similarities in the design, as it was similar to Humayun Tomb in Humayun Tomb Complex. Except that the latter is more grand than this one. Again it didn't have any visitors apart from Rohan and me. 
Information on Khan-I-Khanan Tomb
The tomb is placed on the first level. The tomb structure is not in very good condition, as portions of it have fallen down over the years, and no effort is taken in maintaining what remains of it, is clearly visible. 
Information on Khan-I-Khanan Tomb
Again entry within it is restricted.
 Khan-I-Khanan Tomb
We sat here for sometime, it was almost dusk now, we then decided to head to India Gate
 Khan-I-Khanan Tomb


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