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Delhi : Humayun Tomb in Humayun Tomb Complex

Monday, July 6, 2015

Humayun Tomb is situated in the Humayun Tomb Complex, which is located near Sunder Nursery and Sabz Burj on the Mathura Road, the closest railway station being Hazrat Nizammuddin.
Humayun Tomb

What you see is the restored version of the monument. Just imagine how beautiful the monument might have looked in its glory days.
Humayun Tomb
Emperor Humayun died in the year 1556, His wife Hamida Banu Begam aka Haji Begam, started teh construction of the tomb in 1569. The total cost involved to built the tomb was around 15 lakh rupees. It is called Dormitory of the Mughals as it has more than 100 graves in its premises. 
Graves in the Humayun Tomb premises
Mirak Mirza Ghiyath, a Persian national, was the architect. He planned the tomb in the centre, surrounded by gardens. The grass in it was green in color and neatly trimmed.  There were a couple of trees too, not sure what their names are. 

From the tomb, there are four pathways leading to four monuments in a distance. One of which is the entrance to the tomb. The pathways have small fountains in them. 
Humayun Tomb
The tomb is made of red sandstone and marble. Tiles adore the top of the monument, six cornered stars are placed near the top of the arch doors to the monument. Not sure about its significance.
Interior of Humayun Tomb
It has got four chatri's atop it and has a huge white colored dome with a bronze finial atop it, and two white colored chatri next to the dome. 
Humayun Tomb
The interior of the dome is beautifully carved, tehe pattern is amazing. Below the Tomb are located a series of rooms, which are under lock and key, access ot it is restricted.
Humayun Tomb
Though it was a hot and sunny day, it felt nice to stand here and watch the view around us. 


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