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Delhi : Tomb and Mosque of Isa Khan in Humayun Tomb Complex

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tomb and Mosque of Isa Khan is situated in the Humayun Tomb Complex, which is located near Sunder Nursery and Sabz Burj on the Mathura Road, the closest railway station being Hazrat Nizammuddin.

Isa Khan Tomb

These monuments were not open to public, when I visited it due to restoration work. But is now open to the public, if you would like to pay it a visit.

The tomb is made of sandstone. The octagonal tomb is surrounded by a octagonal garden around it. Each octagonal side has three carved entrances to it. Above which is placed a chatri. Eight chatri surrounded the dome, in the center.
Isa Khan Mosque

The mosque lies very near to the tomb. Built of grey quartzite, it has red sandstone on the face of it. Colored tile are placed within the red sandstone. Not sure as to when it was built. It has a dome in the center with a chatri on either side. The mosque has a single prayer chamber surrounded by three bays.


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