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Delhi : Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb in Humayun Tomb Complex

Friday, June 19, 2015

The  Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb is in the Humayun Tomb Complex, which is located near Sunder Nursery and Sabz Burj on the Mathura Road, the closest railway station being Hazrat Nizammuddin.
Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb

The Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb are located near Humayun Tomb. 

Not sure as to when these were made, but archaeological evidence states that they were made between 1560 and 1567.

The mosque structure is made of red sandstone. It consists of a prayer hall in the middle. It has a dome atop it, entry to the top of the dome via a staircase is restricted. 
Afsarwala Mosque and Tomb
Next to the mosque are located the graves. 

Both the mosque and tomb are built in honour of an afsar or officer, whose identity is not known. Very little is known about the history of this place. 


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