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Malsej Ghat in Pune in Maharashtra

Monday, July 13, 2015

Malsej Ghat is situated in Pune District in Maharashtra.. It is located around 125 KM away from Mumbai (Ghatkopar Railway Station in the West) to be more precise. It can be reached by road. It lies on National Highway 222. 

Malsej Ghat was on my to do list for quite sometime now. I wanted to explore it in the monsoons as the weather would be nice, plus there would be plenty of waterfalls on the way. 
NH222 to Malsej Ghat

I let Manohar and Dominic know about my plans. Don't you remember them, we had done Panchgani and Wai together. Oops I forgot to mention Kohoj. As decided we met at Ghatkopar Railway Station in the west. This is our common meetup point when on treks. We met at 8 AM. Wasting no time we set out to explore Malsej Ghat in Manohar's car. 
Hill Range covered with different shades of green
Map to Maslej Ghat from Ghatkopar Railway station is attached, so that you too can follow the same, if  you have Malsej Ghat on yout to do list.

It was hot and sunny when we headed out of Mumbai city limits, soon we crossed Kalyan and the weather  started changing. My eyes could see the different shades of green enroute to Malsej Ghat on National Highway NH 222. The color green has always been soothing to the eyes, it makes the eyes relax. 
The hill caps covered in clouds
We then braked for breakfast at Murbad. There are a couple of small shops outside the Murbad ST bus stand, who sell tea, vada pav, samosa, break cutlet, tea and fruits. We had some mouth watering vada pav, samosa and bread cutlet here. Manohar, do you want to talk about the samosa. 

We then headed off to Malsej Ghat, there are a couple of small villages on the way which also serve snacks and food apart from the the Dhaba's on NH222. 
Hill ranges
NH222, was now growing thinner and thinner, the road turned at every nook and corner, but it offered a beautiful view of Naneghat and the hill ranges next to it on one side and the villages in a distance on the other.  NH222 circles the Naneghat hillrange. The top of the hill range was in the clouds, though it was not raining, the weather was amazing. Cool winds blowing was making us feel good, had it rained it would have been much better.  As the weather was dull, I had to switch my phone camera on HDR mode to get some good photos of the hill range. This is also the first time I tried to take some panaromic photos of the hill ranges. 

NH222 has got good roads, but there are plenty of speed breakers which will stop you from speeding up the hills. 
View of Malsej Ghat
As NH222 passes through the  jungle, there was thick forestation around us. As it was the forest area we decided to drive without any pit stops, we meet villagers on either side of the road, who were selling Jambool (Syzygium cumini), and other fruits grown on the trees in the forest, we didn't stop for fruits.

After 2 1/2 hours we finally see the first waterfall, though it was small in size, it gathered a huge crowd to it. We didn't want to be part of the crowd and hence decided to drive up the narrow and curvy ghats to reach Malsej Ghat, we were sure to find many more waterfalls on the way.
View of the hills from Malsej Ghat tourist point
Through the way, there were bikers on Royal Enfield's that raced in the opposite directions, maybe they too had come to see Malsej Ghat. Reminded me of my bike trip with Massey to Indurigad and Sangramgad.

The journey to Malsej Ghat offers a wonderful view of the hill ranges covered in diferent shades of green, the villages and the waterfalls in a distance, which seemed to be inaccessible from here. 

Manohar, Dom and Me at Malsej Ghat
Note that there are many people who come to visit Malsej Ghat, so be prepared to be greeted by the mob; families and guy groups with drinks hang around here, to bathe in the waterfall. So the crowd is mixed bunch. There are policemen posted at all the major points on the way, so that there situation is under control. Though drinking is  not allowed here, but people still get away with it. Food is not available here. The only snack is corn smoked on charcoal fire garnished with lemon and chilly powder,  as our stomach's were full we didn't patronise the corn stalls. Hot corn on a rainy day is a lethal combo. 

View of the hill range
NH 222 is narrow and winding, ghat section, the cliff on one side and the valley on the other. So drive safely here, plus be careful, as there are landslides that happen in this part of the region, apart from the waterfalls that happen on the road. 

Finally we were at the entrance of Malsej Ghat tourist spot, MTDC has a few row houses. The Flamingo Restaurant, caters to the food needs of the tourists, but it is packed. the row houses offer a wonderful view of the Malsej Ghat, the tall hill ranges covered in green and the deep valley's below. Again the area around the MTDC hotel is a tourist attraction and gathers a huge crowd. 
Malsej Ghat

MTDC resorts offer the best view in Maharastra at the cheapest cost, so if you want to stay at MTDC you need to book month's in advance. 

The weather was dull and cloudy, not sure when it would rain, with no trees for shade we still decided to take our changes and walk  along the railing which offered  jaw dropping view of the valley below, the NH222 which cuts through the hill range. 

All off a sudden the sun sneaked out from the clouds, making us sweat, but that was not acceptable by the rain clouds, which soon hid it behind them, the weather was nice and cool, no sweat at all. The smell of the mud, I so love it. 
Another view of Malsej Ghat

Private vehicles and ST buses plying to Nagar i.e Ahmednagar halt at Malsej Ghat,  they depart either from Kalyan or Murbad. So  if you like to travel by public mode of transport, now you know what to do. 

We then headed off via the NH222 to Mumbai, as it was around 2 PM on my watch we had to brake for lunch, again we had mouth watering Chinese Food at one of the roadside dhaba on the way to Murbad, After our Wai roadtrip, chinese food is a must eat on our travel itinerary. 
That's Me

Finally after having our stomach full we headed off to Mumbai via the same way we came here. Usually we use car as the mode of transport to visit a hill fort or a hill station, but this is the first time we just drove all the way to Malsej Ghat in the car. I am loving it, hope to  have many more car rides in the furture. 

All this cost us just Rs.330 each. (Ghatkopar to Ghatkopar inclusive of food and travel) Budgeted ride.


Unknown said...

Its must be an amazibg trip im sure !


The trip was good.
Infact the greenery influenced me so much that I have decided to do waterfalls around Mumbai

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