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Junnar Caves : Tulja Caves in Junnar in Maharashtra

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Junnar Caves:

There are around 200 Buddhist caves in the hills of Junnar. The largest collection of caves at a single place in the whole of India. These caves belong to the Hinayana (Theravada) phase of Buddhism. They were built between 3rd century BC to 3rd century AD. The Junnar Caves are furthur divided on the hill ranges. The  Tulja Caves, The Shivneri Caves near the Shivneri Fort, The Manmodi Hills (comprising of Amba Ambika Caves, Bhimashankar Caves and Bhutalinga Caves) and Lenyadri Caves aka Ganesh Caves. 

Tulja Caves

After visiting the Gumbad and having a hearty lunch at Hotel Dilip, we decided to visit the Tulja Caves. It had now started drizzling, the weather was nice, due to poor lighting, I had to shoot my photos in HDR mode.

Tulja Caves

The route to Tulja Caves is tagged on Google Maps. We had to travel on a kacha (muddy path) to reach the base of the Tulja Caves. 

From there a series of step will lead you to the top. The steps are made of stone though not uniform. Due to the drizzle they had become extremely slippery. We still managed to reach the caves. 

Hill range around Tulja Caves

One of the caves is converted into a temple dedicated to Goddess TuljaBhawani. A couple of locals were sitting next to the temple. With a donation book. Thank God they didn't ask us for donations.

There is a Stupa behind the carved  pillar near the Tulja Bhawani Temple. The Stupa is decorated with graffiti. How dumb can some people be? It angers me to the core when they deface a national monument. 

Tulja Caves

There are a couple of caves here. Due to the drizzle and the water dripping from the hills, the floor had become extremely slippery. We decided not to venture further as it might turn hazardous to us. 

Again nothing much to see in these caves, they are not in good condition either. 

Stupa at Tulja Caves

We then headed down the slippery steps to the car.

Tulja Caves

It took us around 20 minutes each to climb up and down. Had the floor been dry it would have taken us around 30 minutes to explore it. 

Tulja Caves

Next pitstop was Shivneri Caves.


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