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Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra near Agra in Uttar Pradesh

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Akbar's Tomb is located at Sikandara which is located around 9 KM away from Agra. Both cities are located in Uttar Pradesh.
Entrance to the Tomb premises

History states that Mughal Emperor Akbar had started and finished the construction of his tomb and the garden around it, in his lifetime. It was built between 1605 to 1613 AD.
An other photo of the Entrance to the Tomb premises
The entrance to the tomb premises is this structure made of red sandstone and marble. The marble has got beautiful  patterns across it. The design is just amazing. Wondering, if this structure is  so beautiful, what the tomb would be like. Next to it are four minars painted in white color. How I wish, we were given entry to the minar's, as they would give an amazing view of the tomb premises. Two Chhatri's are also placed atop it. The red sandstone structure along with white minars with the blue skies behind it looked amazing. 
History of the Tomb
Finally I saw the Tomb,  first impressions, it was huge and wide and had many storey atop it. It had me thinking, Is this a tomb or a Palace in disguise. It was just beautiful. If Akbar could built a Tomb so beautiful, can't imagine what his Palace would be like. Fathepur Sikri is the place were the Palace of Akbar is located. Which was on my itinerary too. 
Akbar's Tomb
The Tomb structure is made of  red sandstone, it was shaped like a pyramid and the topmost part of the five storey structure, was made of marble and completed by his son. It is said to have no roof and open to the sky. The first four floors/ storey had a couple of chhatri on each level. The design of the structure was uniform from all four sides. 

The cenotaph is placed in the middle. But that is the false one, the actual one is in the basement. Again entry to which is restricted. 
Entrance to Akbar's Tomb
The entrance to the tomb, was beautiful. It has survived all these years. It had a chandelier in between, the walls, the arches and the ceiling is beautifully painted in various colors and have Islamic wirtings on them, which look like they were embossed on the walls. The premises was just beautiful. It might have taken the workers months to make the interiors so beautfful.  A small long entrance leads to the tomb. 
Inside of the tomb premises
A couple of other tombs are also  located in its premises. Apart from the main entrance to visit the tomb, there are three identical structures located at equi distance from the tomb. Something similar I had seen near Humayun Tomb in Humayun Tomb Complex. Though they are not in very good condition. It also saw a few Deer's in the premises. 
Narrow passage leading to the Tomb
Apart from me there were many others who had come that day to pay a visit. 
Akbar's Tomb
Entry to the top floors of the structure is restricted. But the view from up here would have been amazing. Again plenty of chattris erected atop it.  
Other Tombs in the premises
I then headed off to see Kanch Mahal and Unknown Lodi Tomb located in the same complex. 
Another photo of Akbar's Tomb


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