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Delhi : Lodging in Delhi

Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally Rohan arrived and we met face to face after interacting for months on Facebook. We decided to start the journey by a bus to take us to a place to lodge for the trip.

I informed Rohan about the train journey from Mumbai to Delhi and how it fascinated me. 

We landed up Karolbagh.  I wanted a budgeted hotel that charges between Rs.500 to Rs.700 a day. Karolbagh had many hotels in its premises but the charges were above Rs.900 + taxes.  So didn’t opt for it as my place of lodging.

We headed to Paharganj, as I had read alot about it in the Lonely Planet book on Delhi.

Finally we reached Paharganj.  Paharganj means hilly neighborhood. That is why it is home to most travelers or tourist who travel to Delhi or use Delhi as a hub to travel to places around it. Paharganj has plenty of affordable hotels, lodges, dhabas and restaurents parked on either side of the narrow roads, which cater to budgeted travelers both domestic and foreigners.  

One can check in or check out anytime here. Plus the eateries are open till early morning so that no traveler goes to sleep on an empty stomach.

We moved from hotel to hotel for the best room with all amenities at the cheapest cost. Finally we spotted Hotel Payal. It had everything I wanted in Rs. 600 with no additional taxes. I decided to take it. Now in Delhi, in order to get a room for the night, one needs to submit ID proof, maybe a Drivers Licence or Aadhar Card as the PAN card won’t do.

I had none, so I immediately called home to send scanned copies of my Drivers Licence or Aadhar Card so that I could book a room for myself here.  The hotel has a internet cafĂ© and also a wifi hub. So you can use wifi anywhere in the premises.

Later I learned that all hotels in its premises give free wifi to lure tourists at their place. The speed offered on wifi is very fast I should say.

The time was now 10:00 AM on my watch. I had to freshen up as I had to leave on my Delhi darshan.

Hotel Payal was around 15 minutes walking distance from Ramakrishna Mission Metro Station.  So travel around Delhi could be done with ease. 

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