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Delhi : Sabz Burj

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One cannot miss the blue dome of this structure even from a distance.  Sabz Burj is located at junction of Mathura Road and Lodhi Road.  It is on the way to Humayun’ s Tomb. Another monument located on Lodhi Road is Gol Gumbad
Sabz Burj

The top of the dome is made up of tiles, which are blue in color.  It is also known as Neeli Chhatri.

Sabz Burj literally means Green Dome. But there is no sign of green color on it.  On this Rohan  told me that , originally the dome was green in color.  In the restoration process the color changed to blue.  On the drum of it, I could see multi colored tiles, which have fallen off. Sadly no one thought of restoring it.  Even the walls of it, are not painted. One think worth commenting is that the structure is in good state with no graffiti on it.
Sabz Burj
Entry in it restricted. One can only see it from the outside.  

There is no information available on who built it? Is it a Tomb? If yes then whose Tomb is it?


We then headed off to see Barakhamba Monument.


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