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Noodles for Lunch

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A thought came to my mind at 12:30 PM. "What am I going to eat for lunch". I managed to spot a maggie noodle packet in the kitchen.

I am used to eating maggie for snacks, didnt want to eat it the way it was , so decided to do something different, this time. Remix. 

I ransacked by fridge to see, whatever edible I could lay my hands on. 

Managed to get Peas, Sausages, Garam Masala, Chat Masala, Tabasco Hot Chilly sause, Oregano, Soy Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Chilly flakes, Pepper and Cheese. "These are my ingredients for my remixed noodles,"  I said to myself.

Now don't ask me how much of each ingredient, I added to my noodles. 

Started cooking the noodles in a small vessel, to which I added all the ingredients mentioned above except Oregano and Cheese. I just kept adding my ingredients.

The noodles twisted and turned, mixed well with the additional ingredients and finally out of the vessel and onto my plate. I had kept the noodles a bit watery so that I have have the best of both, noodles and soup, hence soupy noodles.

Finally garnished with Cheese and Oregano and Tomato Sauce.

Ready to eat.

I liked it, Taste wise I could taste all the ingredients I had mixed in it. The traditional maggie masala had vanished in this mix of spices, but I was loving it, so will you.

Do try it and let me know your experience.

From the experimental cook, merwynsrucksack


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