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Jaora, Train to Jaora

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The next day as decided I met Mohsin and his family at Bandra Terminus, as the train to Udaipur was to depart from there. The train was scheduled to leave at 11:30 PM. Bandra is the start point of this train and top it the train left on time, so we were hoping to reach Joara at 9:30 AM. Udaipur Express travels to Udaipur. Jaora is a stop on the way. To read about Introduction to Jaora

Mohsin had booked tickets for us in the sleeper class. We were 11 in all. Cost per head was Rs. 380. Not sure about the children, we had two of them with us. One being two years old, so I don’t think she requires one, and the other, surely half ticket.  

There were more people who were supposed to travel with us, but they postponed their plans at the last moment. The tickets were booked over two compartments as the number of people travelling was big. By mistake he cancelled the wrong tickets and again we were divided into two compartments.

Bandra- Udaipur Express

The train is not very clean. A couple of cockroaches welcomed me on board. Roaches in all shapes and sizes. I was scared that they don’t enter my bag or my pockets while I was sleeping. The railways should work towards keeping the train clean and we should do our bit by not dirtying the train with food articles and paper.

Mohsin, Satish and I took the seats in the other compartment. Mohsin is a big fan of trains. He can look at an engine and tell you all facts about it. Amazing na.

Mohsin did bring along with him, some beef seekh pav, i.e. beef seekh served in brown bread. Start of the journey with Beef, I am sure that the journey will end with beef. The beef seekh pav was amazing.

We decided that when we are back in Mumbai we would do a couple of sessions of rail fanning. The term Rail Fanning was new to me. Rail Fanning simply means to take photos or videos of running trains. There is big community of Rail Fanners on the internet and Mohsin adds to that list. Filming trains did excite me.
The compartment we were in.

We even decided to stay awake the entire night so that we could see the train change engines at Vadodara station at around 5 AM. The electric engine changes to diesel engine. To keep us awake we had bought ourselves a couple of Red Bulls.

As the train gained speed, it grew chilly and so we decided to call it a night and went off to sleep. We did keep our alarms at 4:45 AM so that we are awake when the train switches engines.
Our alarms rang and rang but we were so fast asleep that we could hardly hear it ring.

Finally when we woke up at 6 AM, the train had left Ratlam station long behind. The weather was chilly when we left Mumbai; it grew chillier when we crossed Ratlam, wondering what it will be like when we reach Jaora.  
Scenic view on the way to Jaora

When we left Bandra the train was packed but the next morning the train was 3/4 empty. I guess most of the passengers alighted while we were sleeping. Now we had the train coaches to ourselves, pick the seat of your choice and enjoy the scenic view outside.

It was foggy outside, when suddenly Mohsin shouted, "Peacock"   
Though I was sleepy, I jumped up asking where. This is the first time I saw peacock, face to face. What a sight. Sadly I couldn’t photograph it as by the time I could take out my camera we had moved on.  

This was totally unexpected. I didn’t in my wildest dreams, dream of seeing a peacock near the tracks.

Frankly speaking, I too used to see peacock's on a regular basis when I was studying in St. Xavier’s College and used to travel by train from Andheri to Marine Lines. Matter of fact, is that the ones I saw were not peacocks but humans shittin next to the tracks. A good friend of mine, Neel had coined this name for them. And it stuck on. Every day when we commute to work we see them by the sides of the track. To which Mohsin burst out laughing.
Photo from the Train

As the train turned along the curved tracks, I did notice the Diesel engine emitting smoke out. I took some amazing photos of the train. The scenery outside was also wonderful. Lush green fields all around with hills in a distance. I could see houses too in a distance. It gave me the feeling that I was in  a village, and I am loving it.

The train reached Jaora at 9:30 AM. The train haults here for just two to three minutes, and in that short time we had to get ourselves and our baggage out of the train. Though it sounded difficult it wasn’t that difficult.

We then boarded a Tum Tum to Hussain Tekri


Unknown said...

The trip was simply fabulous. We really had a good time... I still remember having beef kababs and samosas at the bori chachas place !

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