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Lunch at New Sernyaa at Malad in Mumbai

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Navin, Rohini and I decided to have lunch at New Sernyaa at Malad.

We met at the decided time 1 pm at Sernyaa.

I have been to their Oshiwara outlet a couple of times and a big fan of a tibetan food. 

We ordered vegetarian food for a change. 

We ordered Bamboo Rice. The rice came with a dark colored gravy. As soon as the rice arrived at our table, the steam and the aroma of the gravy got into my nose. I was surely going to like it. It turned out just the way I thought it would.

Is it possible that I am at Sernyaa and I have not had pork Momos. I innediately placed my order for the same and in a matter of a few minutes they were served. The steamed pork momos are my favourite and I love to eat them with the three sauces that are placed on each table.


We then placed order for Seernyaa Pan Fried Noodles, now this comes with a little gravy on it. I just love the way the noodles were presented to us. The noodles were a combination of fried and boiled noodles which was mixed in a gravy of herbs. It wa nicely cooked and tasty to eat.

Finally we closed with some sweet dish. Navin ordered the Blueberry Cheese Cake. Though it costs Rs. 150. Price wise it is a bit expensive just for a slice of cake. The presentation was just wonderful and I loved it, I was full to the core so I skipped the taste. Maybe next time.

With a bill of Rs. 960 for the trio, I guess the price was just right. 


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