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Jaora, Introduction to Jaora

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Introduction to Jaora:

I was first introduced to Hussain Tekri by my colleague Mohsin Shaikh in our training sessions. He told me about his paranormal encounters at this place. As a traveler this place excited me.  I wanted to witness paranormal activities hence I decided to accompany him on this trip.  As a matter of fact, I don’t watch horror movies as they scare the shit out of me, but when you have company you need not worry. Be it company of the human kind or the spirit kind.  

Hussain Tekri as defined  by my office colleague and good friend Mohsin is a place frequently visited by Muslims from all over the country and the world, to get rid of evil possession. It did sound a bit scary earlier when he described the place to me. He told me about people chained so that they do not create harm to themselves and to others. I know it is a sad sight to see. 

I was in two minds whether I should visit this place or not. As one part of me wanted to see this place and the other was shit scared because of the paranormal activities. Another reason that boosted me to visit this place is the meat it had to offer. Beef. I am a big fan of it. When I was told about the beef dishes prepared here, I couldn’t stop myself from visiting this place.

I had to convince my folk’s in order to visit this place. So when I, initially told them about this place. My Mom said a BIG NO. I still wanted to see this place. I somehow managed to convince my Mom about it. Finally she agreed. 

I informed Mohsin about it, as he had to book tickets in advance. It was not just the two of us but his entire family. 

We managed to get both the tickets and our holidays confirmed to visit this place.

Just before our trip, my office colleagues advised me on the Do's and Don’ts to be done in a village. They were under the impression that this is my maiden trip to a village. They were not aware that I had been to villages before and that I have a blog that caters to places to visit in India.

I should have promoted my blog in office is the lesson I have learnt.

A day before my trip my Mom asked me, "You sure you going, or have you changed your mind?" to which I replied, "Mom, don't worry, nothing will go wrong. I have Mohsin and his family around me." 

She smiled and said, "Go, travel safely and do call every day."

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