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Dry fruit Milk Shake near Bhindi Bazar

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A couple of my office colleagues had been to Mohd. Ali Rd. for rich Mughlai Food, they informed me that they had a milkshake rich in dry fruits from a local roadside seller.

After Ali and I had our dinner at Hotel Shalimar we headed of in search of this dry fruit milkshake . The only clue we had, was that he was a street seller. I had kept space in my stomach to have this milkshake.

Finally we spotted this guy a couple of blocks away on the opposite side of the road selling milk products, we immediately reached him and ordered the dry fruit milkshake. 

It took him 20 minutes to make it. As we sat on the stools awaiting our drinks, the other customers near his shop were curios to find as to what he was preparing.
Finally milkshake was served, but not in glasses but in bowls. It was thick and creamy. It was prepared from milk and milk cream, and had figs and cashew nuts in large quantities in it. After mixing them in the mixer and generating a thick paste he added some more cashews and pieces of fig for garnishing. The milkshake was brown in color due to the presence of fig in it.


I enjoyed the first round of it, my stomach was full now. He seller immediately rushed to fill our bowls with the remaining milkshake. Which again filled the bowl to the brim.

I couldn't have no more so we asked him to parcel to so that we can have the same at home.

We then walked all the way to Mumbai Cental Railway Station so that we could digest the Mughlai food and the milkshake.

All I can say is that this foodie journey was fun.


Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar said...

I would have loved to try this milk shake. I just love dry fruits.


yes, you should, but do go on a empty stomach. As the drink is never ending

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