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Delhi : Sunder Mahal

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Next we headed out to see the Sunder Mahal located on the right hand side of Sunder Burj in Sunder Nursery.  
Sunder Mahal

Intial thoughts were that this might be a storage site. Rohan corrected me, stating that it is a Mahal a.k.a Palace.
Sunder Mahal from the inside
To my knowledge it didn't look like one. It was made of stone. Even the arches were made of stone arranged in different order, which gave it a unique look.
Sunder Mahal
The monument was under restoration as the inside was filled with building material. The so called Mahal had various entrances to it , which were all interconnected from within. The design pattern on the inside was common all over the Mahal i.e. the work on the walls and ceiling was the same.
Sunder Mahal


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