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Delhi : Sunder Burj in Sunder Nursery

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

As we entered the premises of Sunder Nursery, this first structure we noticed was the Sunder Burj. Standing far away in a distance with light blue skies as its ceiling and green grass for the ground. The structure shown in the hot sun.
Sunder Burj

 As we grew closer to it, we noticed that the structure had recently been done up. On this Rohan replied. That all monuments in Delhi received a makeover, thanks to the Commonwealth Games.
The cropped green grass with stones paved in it leads to Sunder Burj. As we walked on the stone paves, it gave me the feeling as if I had moved back in time and was talking in that era.

The Sundar Burj was built in the 16th century by the Moghuls. What you see right now, in the photos is the restored version of the monument. The walls and the dome were nicely decorated.  It had four arches which housed four wooden doors and had cutouts in the wall, 6 inches deep which added to the d├ęcor of the monument.  We couldn’t go inside the monument as it was closed.
Sunder Burj
If the restoration team did such a good job on the outside. Then they would have surely done a fantastic job on the inside. 

We then headed off to Sunder Mahal. 


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